Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Win a Kindle!

A Lady's Choice

I'm one of 22 authors participating in Access Romance's Holiday Track-Down. You'll have to get the specs at Access Romance.

Not only is a Kindle offered, but several Prize Packs!

I'll give you a really strong hint: Check out my new web page for my backlist books. These are my early books, brought back to life in epublishing. This is quite the task and the list is growing. I'm doing and redoing the covers as I discover more about this format. Most are available on Kindle, Nookbooks, Smashwords, and A Writers Work. The links are on my new page.

I'm in full holiday mode now and enjoying the return to these early stories. I have quite a list, so watch for more.

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Here's a Holiday Anthology, done with other authors. It started out as a collection of holiday mysteries and ended up as romance :)

This is a 3-in-1 and the cover was absolutely gorgeous.

I hope you're all relaxing a bit this holiday season. We're having a low-key season and I'm alternately writing and baking. Gingerbread men coming up!


RTHRBRTN said...

Lois (Cait) I cannot tell you how much I admire you for all you accomplish. Pat Elliott

Velda Brotherton said...

Lois, glad to hear you're going low-key, though I can't imagine you doing anything low-key. Congrats on all your books on Kindle. Heading there to order one or two for my Kindle. A Christmas gift that was opened very early. Good to see you at OWL.

Cait said...

Oh, Pat. If only the world knew :)

Cait said...

Ok, Velda. Thanks. These are reverted titles. I'm redoing some with a new format, so if on Amazon, you can just re-download to see the difference. Learn as we go :)