Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reminder From a Friend

This a.m. a friend reminded me that I'm not posting links on this blog. Well, I need to....

So to catch up, because I should have a new e-bk on Kindle soon, here are the links to my early books, rebooted in Kindle and other places, i.e. A Writers Work and Smashwords. Keep in mind that my publishers also have placed an amount of my e-books everywhere:

You'll note that the first four are category books and the last a historical. Please read my previous posts concerning them.

I'm also placing a nice backstory in each of these books. How I got the idea, traveling to research, how one story folds into another. I really am enjoying revisiting these early books, and I've loved all my stories. To a writer, their like children, from conception, to birth, to growth and enjoyment.

More later....

1. Lady's Choice:

2. Gambler's Lady

3. Rugged Glory:

4. Lady's Desire:

5. Delilah and the Mountie:

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