Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reminder From a Friend

This a.m. a friend reminded me that I'm not posting links on this blog. Well, I need to....

So to catch up, because I should have a new e-bk on Kindle soon, here are the links to my early books, rebooted in Kindle and other places, i.e. A Writers Work and Smashwords. Keep in mind that my publishers also have placed an amount of my e-books everywhere:

You'll note that the first four are category books and the last a historical. Please read my previous posts concerning them.

I'm also placing a nice backstory in each of these books. How I got the idea, traveling to research, how one story folds into another. I really am enjoying revisiting these early books, and I've loved all my stories. To a writer, their like children, from conception, to birth, to growth and enjoyment.

More later....

1. Lady's Choice:

2. Gambler's Lady

3. Rugged Glory:

4. Lady's Desire:

5. Delilah and the Mountie:

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Westerns Ride Again

Now that summer is over and I'm back at my keyboard, I'll try to do better at keeping up my blogs--which I love btw. I've had some great writerly experiences this summer, but now it's time to settle down to business :)

First up: Published by Berkly-Jove in 1995, DELILAH, renamed DELILAH and The Mountie in 2010 is getting ready for lift-off into epublishing.... With a different cover. I'm working on that now.

As Cait London, a pseudonym, I have quite a few books in my front and back lists. I'm bringing my early books into epublishing, but it is a slow, slow process. You can find them at Amazon and just about anywhere else.

Revisits allow minor changes, such as changing my then-pseudonym, Cait Logan, for current Cait London. But hey, guys, same writer whether contemporary or historical. You'll find a different style that goes with each time period.

I loved writing my Northwest historicals, riding the trails, researching everything--no hardship at all. DELILAH's U.S./Canadian Okanagon and Cariboo trail to Barkerville, B.C. was fabulous. So I've actually been in my story locations, even if fictionalizing the names.

I'm working on a new cover for DELILAH and Her Mountie now, but this one is gorgeous, especially its stepback by the artist Pelligrino. Back in the day, there were more artist renditions/paintings than the graphic works now, which can be just as attractive. As a painter myself, I lean toward that.

So here's the introduction I'm using for DELILAH and The Mountie:

“Cait Logan beautifully blends the heartwarming atmosphere of an American Western with a humorous yet poignant love story.” Romantic Times

“The fire and spark between the protagonists is really exceptional, generating and maintaining the best sensual and romantic tension seen in a long time. Definitely a book for readers who adore sizzling verbal sparring and a relationship between hot-tempered lovers!” Romantic Times

“An exciting, stunning, and intense book that will touch readers’ hearts and souls.” Romantic Times

“A marvelous, not-to-be missed read.” Romantic Times

Dear Reader:
Welcome to DELILAH, previously published by Berkley-Jove Books as Cait Logan and now reissued under Cait London, another pseudonym.

I’ve added “and the Mountie”, because in Simon Oakes is definitely worth mentioning. I’m certain you’ll fall in love with him, too. In revisiting DELILAH, I fell deeply in love with her story again. The research for DELILAH was fascinating, and my daughter and I actually traveled the trail from Okanogan/Omak Washington state, up to British Columbia, Canada, then to the Cariboo Trail to Barkerville. I grew up near the Columbia River, not far from our origin point, Okanogan/Omak Washington state. (By the way, the Okanogan Indians are part of the Confederated Colville tribes, pronounced Call-ville.)

While a hefty portion of my fellow writers leaned toward Southwest stories, I researched and rode the Northwest Indian and mining trails. I grew up in rural inland Washington state, and its history is fascinating. (Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce is buried there.)

I have been to the locations of all of my books and the experience is unforgettable, definitely one of the benefits of my vocation. I cannot say enough about the beauty of this trail, from the lush fruit line valleys, to the exciting mountains and wild, untamed Frazer River, churning below. Amid tons of photographs somewhere, we documented this trip, and sat one night, viewing the Northern Lights in a field near Barkerville.

Barkerville, B.C.: Among all the restorations of forts and encampments I’ve visited, Barkerville stands out the most, as the best. A mining town, started by a strike, it is fabulously presented now. You can walk down the board lined streets, visit the wooden shops, the church, the courthouse, and see the giant waterwheels churn nearby. I loved this town and commend the Canadian government for its restoration.

We also visited the Mountie museum, and mention of the Whoop-Up Trail (whiskey traders) there, led to another book, set in Fort Benton, Montana just below the border. (I’ve written several books, historical and contemporary, set in Montana.)

Note two different spellings, U.S. and Canadian, caribou for the animal, and Cariboo for the Canadian spelling. Also, in the U.S. Okanogan and in Canada Okanagan. The Cariboo Trail and all the stops are not to be missed. Loved the journey and I hope you will love Delilah and her Mountie as much as I do.

As I prepare DELILAH and Her Mountie for epublishing, I am struck by how deeply I feel about my stories, every one, either contemporary or historical. I’m so glad that this new format allows new readers to enjoy her story, too.

Please visit my blog for more information about DELILAH and HER MOUNTIE, and my other early books, as well as new ones. I’d love to hear from you. Just e-mail.

And if you ever get the chance to travel these historical trails, take it. Barkerville, B.C. is fabulous for its history and more.