Monday, July 19, 2010

Outlaw Love in Kindle

Outlaw Love - Brenda Joyce Anthology
Lady Desperado is my story in Outlaw Love. Monday is a business day for me, so I can devote the rest of the week to writing.

I was going through contracts and struggling to make a so-called "paperless office" by scanning legal stuff, i.e. contracts, etc. when I hit material about this anthology. Naturally, I wanted to check it out and found that it's still going strong.

I need to reread my Lady Desperado and post a back story for it. If you're following the new epublishing of my early books, you'll see that I enclose a back story to each one. Love those.

I was thrilled to be invited for this western historical anthology by Dell Books. In the lead was Brenda Joyce, Connie Brockway (isn't she super?), Cait Logan (moi), and Stephanie Mittman, new back then.

Thrilled. Short stories, and I think this was 30k maybe, are extremely difficult for me to write. I tend to think in layers. Lady Desperado was one of the most difficult work I've done, though all of it is pretty intense. Very intense.

A 1997 release, it is now in Kindle form with my other books. It continues to sell but now in a new form.

So if you like westerns, I wrote as Cait Logan and will soon be working on Delilah and her Mountie.

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