Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Site to Behold!

I've just launched Gambler's Lady and A Lady's Choice epub at A Writers Work.

This new and ever-changing website features early books of select authors, basically their backlist translated into electronic form. (I've included back stories in my books, which some readers find really interesting. Writers have tons of back stories.)

The site is up, but learning what the involved authors prefer and working as a community family, they are developing the website.

So far, this list of traditionally published and experienced authors includes: Fran Baker,Becky Barker, Nicole Byrd, Phoebe Conn, Ginger Chambers, Jasmine Cresswell, Kathy Lynn Emerson, Barbara Freethy (who just had a new book lauch in her great series) Lori Handeland, Holly Jacobs, Elizabeth Kary, Patricia McLinn, Patricia Rice (She's got a brand new Signet coming out in July with tons of books in her front and backlist), Patricia McLinn, Leigh Riker, Karen van der Zee and others coming soon.

This community/family of long-time authors and friends is somewhat similar to Book View Cafe.

With all the new readers out there, there is lots of excitement about bringing favorite books to life again in electronic form. Most of the authors have been on the NYTs and/or USA Today and other bestselling lists. A polished bunch with loads of experience are working hard on A Writers Work launch site.

These hard-working career writers, like myself, also work on new projects, have websites and are on Twitter and Facebook, etc. A Writers Work is on FB and growing fast.

A special thanks for Patricia McLinn (rhymes with Suzanne McMinn, one of my favorite bloggers at my own "mommy-homey" blog, My Jam Jar. BTW, drop over to My Jam Jar and see my family's new pasta recipe, rich with cream cheese. Kids love the bow-tie pasta.)

A Writers Work is Patricia McLinn's brain child, gathering up traditionally published authors with backlists.

So you're invited to take a look and post a comment, plus join the newsletter of this expanding and every changing site at AWritersWork.com.