Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Writer's Day

  I'm busy with early books right now, formatting, cleaning, whatever, and hope to e-publish them. As another well-known writer said, they were good and they deserve it.

Now I'm just getting started on this, learning as I go, whatever. So yesterday, I was closing in on the final clean-up of A Lady's Choice, an early Berkley, Second Chance at Love. There are many character whatever errors when scanning from the actual book that have to be cleaned. So, working hard, closing in on misplaced periods, whatever. And I decide to stretch a bit after this intensity.

Well, the bees had arrived on one of my yard trees. See that story at The Second Cup, another blog.

Basically, my writing day was sucked up by the The Great Bee Adventure and I'm trying to get back into the mode right now.

I did finish the day with a conversation with the most interesting person/writer who knows-all, Kathy Carmichael. She is extremely in-the-know about writerly business and just about everything, and has helped me immensely on this rejuvenation project, my early books. If you ever meet her, you're in for a good experience.

With all the interruptions (those bees everywhere) yesterday, I could have used the Success Journal spiral bound book she and author Vicki Hinze created, which is pretty unique. Take a look. Basically, it is a work book for scheduling, listing, thoughts, affirmations, etc. 400 pgs. Pretty neat idea.

And apparently the bees are still here, the orphans, so my day today is likely to be interrupted. I have yet, after hours and hours to get one early book up, a new cover on it, etc. Sigh. I'd rather be finishing my WIP.

Looking back, A Lady's Choice, the book I was working on, deals with country where I grew up, Washington State orchard country. Bees are a necessity there, in the orchards, because of polination. What a coincidence!

It happens like that sometimes: You'll be working on a piece and suddenly something synchronistic pops up. Or you'll be working away on writing a fresh piece and suddenly, guess what? Some other writer has already written the basic theme.

In that case, don't worry. Because you will have your own ideas, characterization, plot twists, style that will totally make this theme--and there are generic ones--different and your own work.

There are books called "cookie cutters", styled after major players, etc. Most real writers will put so much of themselves into a common theme, that the book will seem all fresh.

It's pretty amazing how you can be writing and suddenly this synchronistic thing pops up that totally changes your story, like someone you've just met, a news tidbit, whatever.

So life definitely has its twists.

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