Friday, March 12, 2010

E-Books Now and Soon

While one new writing project is on hold, I'm editing earlier books for new life.

I've fallen in love with the stories all over again. Though years have passed, Rugged Glory is still good old basic school marm meets cowboy. He's got a problem teenage boy and she's adopted her two little nieces to protect them. They both have a lot to learn in a make-do situation, or as romance writers like to call it, "propinquity".

I'm digging up the reviews on these and will post them, but the sales were good, Waldens bestsellers.

As Cait London, my contemporaries are everywhere, and many are available on Kindle, Sony, Mobi, etc. as these will be. But these early CAIT LOGAN books still hold a part of my heart. It's quite something to look back at early work and say, "Hey, I still like the story." As a reader, I'm enjoying them that way, too. Readers liked Rugged Glory enough for Berkley to republish it.

A little tweaking to update from early on, and they'll be ready to lift up online in different formats. The most work is in removing the publisher's formatting, and these books all rated high with reviews and bestselling lists, so I feel they are worth the eye-straining effort.

Little periods like to dance in places they shouldn't be. Lots of that stuff, separated words that need re-joining, 1's for I's, stuff like that.

But the stories hold true. Or I think so.

I'm looking at cover ideas now and after two categories completed, I'm looking at a western historical, my first, but not my last. See Tame the Fury earlier, with its gorgeous cover.

This is quite the adventure, a review of books so well loved by readers. And to see them revived in different formats.

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