Monday, February 01, 2010

Kathy Carmichael's Second Hit

Diary of a Confessions Queen

I rarely step out to plug other's books, as this blog is all about me, me, me and writing tips, etc.

However, it's great to see a writer break, and this writer is special to me.  She's extremely friendly, supportive and a sharing personality, and out here in writer-land we need friends like her.

Kathy Carmichael's latest, Diary of a Confessions Queen is another Booklist hit. It's great to watch Kathy's career grow and she's off and running with this new starred review hit.

This is what Booklist has to say:
*/Booklist/** Starred Review*: "... Carmichael (/Hot Flash/, 2009) has created a 
thrilling whodunit in her trademark sassy, breezy style. Readers will enjoy her 
unique blend of humor and suspense."
*~ Shelley Mosley, */*Booklist*/
To listen to her skit about Diary of a Confessions Queen visit Blog Talk Radio. Really cute. 
Kathy is someone to watch and busy, busy, busy. She's very much involved in writing, the industry, and is a workshop leader. You can find more about her and her books at her website and blogs.
This is her second Booklist hit.
Hot Flash Carmichael's first for Medallion came in the top 10 in Booklist's 2009 picks.  
If you are a reader, check out these two unusual hits by an unusual personality plus. If you are a writer, check out Kathy's career and busy schedule for tips to help you.
Congratulations, Kathy.  


Kathy Carmichael said...

Cait: Thank you so VERY much for your kind words about me and my books. Everything you said about me goes double for you!!!

I especially appreciate your kind advice, willingness to share your hard-earned wisdom and most especially, your friendship. -- KC

Lois K. said...

You're so welcome. I've ordered Diary of a Confessions Queen and can't wait to read it.

Shirley said...

Lois, I love this post. Especially since Kathy is guest blogging at on Thursday.

This is a book I can't wait to read. Love the title.