Friday, February 19, 2010

Dealing with Early Books

Writing isn't only writing. It's also business and product management, i.e. backlist management. Agents are well familiar with business modes, but now, with Internet many authors are stepping into modes never before available. So much material is available, open to anyone for the time and exploration, and authors are taking advantage of this.

With many calls for my backlist, I'm also considering options. Tips from other authors really help, and many authors have formed publishing companies that handle back and front lists.

Many of my early category books are ready for republishing somehow and that is a whole long road of discovery.

I'm also wondering about shifting to WordPress, and that would take some work for all 3 blogs. Then, there's website upkeep, and yes, I'm behind on that. I'm also writing.

But yesterday, I spent hours researching just how to get my backlist up and running in e-publishing. Reformatting takes hours as in the translation of the printed page--and yes, you'd better have those rights returned to you in writing.

Rights reversion is big now for every author with formerly only traditionally published work. E-rights are now a part of traditional publishers' contracts, in an advent of new clauses.

It's a new day in publishing of all sorts.

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