Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beginning a New Line

Some of my first books are getting set for reappearances as Cait Logan E-books. Or at least the elves are busy at work, making that happen--whenever. It takes a lot of technology to get good packaging and I'm hoping the new covers will do my new CL line justice. (I'm thinking about a logo, so if you have good ideas, please comment.)

The technology in getting these books up and running is taking some time, but as we were working on them, I once more fell in love with the stories.

RUGGED GLORY was first a Second Chance at Love story, Berkley Publishing. Then it did so well that it was reissued there in a Diamond line.

Here's the back blurb:
Ben Woden:To Sami, he's six feet plus of overpowering masculinity, a hard-brawling, blunt-talking Wyoming rancher who wants her to tutor his rebellious teenage son. Edgy as a grizzly, ornery as a polecat, he's all lean, tough, elemental male. Somebody's got to civilize him...maybe even love him. Might as well be her.

Sami Lassiter: To Ben, she's sixty inches of prim and proper schoolmarm, spunky independence, and explosive sensuality. Sweet but peppery. Winsome as a girl, but a whole lot of woman. His control has been shot to pieces; he wants her so badly. But no "Little Bit" like her is going to hog-tie and tame him!


GAMBLER'S LADY was also a reissue under the Diamond line for Berkley, but was first printed as a SCAL. Both covers are goregous and I remember my editor waving this book around at conferences, saying this was exactly what she wanted from writers.

RUGGED GLORY and GAMBLER'S LADY both placed well on the best seller's lists, as did my other category books. And both are worth another look to new readers.

With GAMBLER'S LADY too, I felt that the basic stories still held through time. Over all good solid reading. I don't know when all the reissuing will come about, but watch for more on it.

Here's GAMBLER'S LADY back blurb:

Nick Santos needs a wife...and Kim Reynolds is just what he's looking for, a class act who could discourage his ex-wife from trying to get custody of their four-year-old daughter. When he offers to gamble with Kim for high stakes--a temporary "hands-off" marriage against money for the physical fitness clug she wants--it's an offer she can't refuse.

Playing house with Nic would be playing with fire, so Kim's not taking wild chances--oker is a game she knows she can win. But Nick always gets what he wants, and when he claims his winnings and makes her his wife, he vows to turn their charade into reality...

These are just a couple to look for, and I was just too excited to wait to tell you about the news. With new covers, (and don't forget those logo ideas) thanks to new technology, I'm hoping new readers will enjoy this stories as well as readers who want to revisit.


Velda Brotherton said...

Lois, Interesting to read some of the blurbs and see the covers of earlier books. Congratulations on getting them back up and issued as ebooks. All writers with backlists should look into this.

Kelly said...

Great idea, Lois. Be nice to revisit some of your earlier books. Let me know when I can snag copies.

Lois K. said...

I'm working very hard on getting my early books back into the world. It's not an easy task, but really fun to revisit some of them AND still like the stories. They fared well with reviews, too, if only I can find those in the Big Bin. :)