Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seasons and Writers' Balance

Fall is beautiful in the Ozarks, and soon I'll be taking my cameras out for a full day of sunshine and color.

I enjoy the last roses of summer. Mine are struggling now with cool temperatures and supposed frost tonight. However, mums love fall.

Mums of every color are on display now. I usually wait until a little later for sale prices and then pick up a few. I'm enjoying these in my yard right now. I'm generally not a fan of smelly things, but the color is lovely this time of year.

I love my carefree day out, a couple of cameras, a thermos of coffee, a few snacks in the basket and nothing to do or worry about all day, except if there is enough gas in the car. That's it: gas in the car. I drive all over the Missouri and Arkansas rolling hills, taking photos of old buildings/unique trails/gorgeous trees etc. I can't wait to see the pictures on my screen.

As a writer, my mind also takes pictures and starts spinning those stories. Someone has a great saying that I'll paraphrase: You can't write about life by sitting behind a desk. Okay, we probably have some writers who can do just that. But writers need to experience life and color.

At The Second Cup, I wrote about moving too fast through the morning and mistakenly grabbing the vinegar bottle, in lieu of raspberry flavoring for my coffee. Take a sip of Good Morning Coffee, your first deep sip of the day, set to appreciate the taste and get vinegar--and you know you're moving too fast.

In today's fast-moving world, we all need some kind of balancing therapy. Fortunately, I like to do very many things to balance and I hope you do too. To see what else I do, click my other blogs at the top tabs.
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