Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fan of the Fae


Where have I been? I wondered as I listened to Karen Marie Moning's podcast novel, Darkfever.

I'm a fan of iPod/iTunes or MP3 players, but especially my trusty iPod, small and old, but familiar to the touch, in its red case. I've been listening to writerly podcasts, interviews from Pen on Fire and other stuff, dismissing music.

But recently, while hunting for some suitable YA-boy travel podcasts, I found Karen's great podcast novel, Darkfever. Listening to "Mac's" urban fantasy, set in Dublin was addictive. The female voice actor soaked southern accent into the story....

Sometimes I listen from the sound dock and finished Moning's podcast/novel at home. But I purchased book 2, Bloodfever and found it just as good. With a long trip and by myself this time, I attached my iPod into the car's stereo. Mac and Moning did not disappoint, but instead led me to Faefever, book 3.
Faefever I ordered it as soon as I returned home and am listening to it on my sound dock.

Okay, I'm behind. Bloodfever and Faefever are my first purchased audio books.

The point here, writers, is that podcast novels, such as Moning's first are great PR. But more than anything, the voice actor was excellent, the sound great. Can't wait for book 4, out next.

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Shirley said...

I seem to have trouble sticking with an audio book. My mind wanders too much, I guess. Still nothing better than the actual "in-hand" book.