Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Writing Clinic


Last week was not super; life-stuff did not flow well. A friend labels July as The If It Will Happen, It Will Go Wrong in July.

Now none of the life-stuff was illness or a disaster, but coping with what has to be done, car maintenance/home appliances (not happy about energy saver refrigerators at this point), etc. But every day was packed and planned to the max.

The best thing, and I felt very good about this, was my pop-up free writing clinic.

Pop-up, because my car needed a half-days work. Free writing clinic, because I wanted to do something to help those writers who cannot travel to conferences and/or cannot afford them.

A free library room, good coffee, and 4 hours flew by in a basic Q&A session. I came away feeling very good.

In my current schedule, I am not planning future events, but writing heavily and doing some life-stuff. See my other blog, The Second Cup and My Jam Jar to see more about those things.

But I'm back to writing now and still feeling good about what I could do in those 4 hours. Positive feedback was really satisfying.

I wonder how many realize that writing is a profession, a storyteller talent, a love, but also a hand-me-down craft. Writers usually give back somehow and while I was not a member of RWA or any writing group until after I'd published maybe 5 books, there were published writers along the way who helped.

IMHO, Q&As are of the most benefit, so I led with a few basics and questions followed. It was a good exercise and I'd worked very hard on the handout, so I hope they are using that now :)
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