Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tallchief Fans

Another Tallchief fan has just written me about more in this Desire series, the Tallchiefs. In particular, Emily, the adopted daughter of Duncan Tallchief is most requested, which is what she wanted.

Native Americans in kilts. How much better can it get? :)

At the present, there are no more Tallchiefs in production, though I would truly like to write more, one of Harlequins top sellers according to the editor there. I'd like to top off that series with one particular story and Emily does need to "age" a bit for her love.

Writers can sometimes input to cover art, and I did for Tallchief Celebration. That's my 3 garnet ring on the cover :).

You can read more about the Tallchief series at my website. Deep into other stories, I do love to hear from readers, on all my books and try to answer each letter.

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Caroline said...

Beautiful cover--LOVE your ring!!