Monday, March 02, 2009

Winter Day Party

Tarot for Writers

Family is great, but there are just some times during the winter-cooped-up season, that a party with friends takes the German Chocolate Cake. Such was last Saturday, and though a winter storm watch was in effect, I drove an hour or so to have a terrific few hours of fun with friends.

Chip and dip, a sandwich platter, and hot/cold tea. Add everyone's individual tarot cards, plus a psychic, and the winter advisories were forgotten in the warmth of friends.

Featured psychic Linda Winders is always phenomenal, as a psychic and as a person. You can find her at Keen Online Psychic readings, or at her Maiden of Mystery blog. She's also a highly talented seamstress/quilter/costume designer, etc. But you can read more about her at her blog.

Linda shared some exercises from Tarot for Writers. One exercise was to answer a prescribed list of questions, one card assigned to each. The cards, plus your own intuitive senses, provided characters sex/age/personality, etc. Every one brought their own tarot deck, some with 2 or 3 different ones, and the around the table discussion got interesting very quickly. I didn't know there were "intuitive" decks, without the Cups/Wands, etc.

While fun and double the fun with friends, I still don't get Tarot, even with an Idiot's guide to Tarot and Fortune-Telling how-to at hand. A friend, the host, is really good at reading her own and references it for answers. As a veteran of creating my own stories without divination, I found the experiment really interesting. While receptive to story-churning ideas from any quarter, I'll have to work on getting a story from Tarot. Reportedly, though, some writers are able to churn story ideas from this method.

Due to snow and sleet and a long drive home, I left the party early. I could have stayed for hours. Loved the visit, the friends, the topic. If you get a chance meet Linda Winders (she's on Facebook), you'll have an interesting experience every time.

We used to have unusual no-cost parties, such as sharing a dish/recipe or a plant start exchange, but this was a first experience for me. It was a very enjoyable Winter Day fun-time with friends.

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