Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm So Pleased

I'm always so pleased to receive email asking about my psychic triplets, Claire/Tempest/Leona and their mother, Greer Aisling. And when they want more, like this a.m.'s email requested, more about Greer and Kenneth and Janice and Saber, and the upcoming babies, I'm walking on air! How nice of you to take the time to write such great stuff. I love this family, but at the present have no plans to continue. Still, you never know about the future--well, we aren't the psychics the triplets are, are we? :)

A writer receives many of these requests and some spur new ideas, which may fly with the publisher, or not. But my heart truly is with these triplets, descended from an ancient seer.

I loved working in the psychic elements, and as I look back, one of my books, a western, featuring mountainman Bear McCloud and the Lady Mariah was labeled a "gothic western". It did have psychic elements as Mariah is on the run from her evil, possessive stepfather and lands in Colorado's mountains, rescued by a mountainman.

Then in a Montana Desire, a cowboy telepath who shares his thoughts with Shep, his dog, mixes with a feminine counterpart/telepath, who is also an empath. I visited Fort Benton, Montana where steamboats brought goods to the Mounties, and where there is a statue dedicated to Shep. Shep, a faithful collie, waited 14 years for his master to return from the train.

Another Montana book, The Wedding Gamble, places a down and out westerner with a baby in a billiards parlor, owned by the top player. In The Wedding Gamble, the stakes are high, her services as a pseudo-mommy against his grubstake. Researching this book landed it as the only romance in the American Billiards Congress museum.

Watch for more backstories and keep sending that lovely email. :)

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