Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot Flash by Kathy Carmichael

Hot Flash

While this one of my 3 blogs is all about Me, Me, Me, there are just some people you meet and you like instantly. Later, you're thrilled by their success. Such was the case when I met Kathy Carmichael in Kansas City, MO. Highly energetic, full of fun, she's remained a friend, and now she's hit her stride with Hot Flash from Medallion Press.

It's great to see a writer hit their stride and for her books to be presented so well. I just love Hot Flash's fresh and imaginative cover. Kathy's website offers tons of fun, including a marriage survey.

Congratulations, Kathy!


Kathy Carmichael said...

Thank you so much for the kind words you said about me and my book, Cait!

Not only are we longtime friends, but I'm also one of your biggest fans!

Thanks so much! -- KC

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Carmichael -- loved, loved, loved Hot Flash from page one to the end. Poor Jill, she certainly had a go of it...something we can all identify with at times. Thanks for laughs and a great read. Can't wait to see what's next!


LKap said...

Kathy -
Loved the book and as a person you rock as Cait said - you just wish success to great people ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loved your book, Kathy! Full of laughs and I just love Jill. Wonderful read.


Cait London said...

Everyone loves you, Kathy! And loves Hot Flash, too. If you want to order it from Amazon, just click on the link below the cover. Repeat: great cover.

Kathy Carmichael said...

Oh, gosh! Thank you SandyB, LKap, Sharron and Cait! I love all of you, too!

And thanks for the compliments on HOT FLASH. You're making my heart sing :) :) -- KC

Anonymous said...

Kathy -
I think Hot Flash was my favorite book of yours so far. Fun characters and a pleasure to
read. Can't wait for the next one!

Magdalena Scott said...

Hm. I'm trying to be careful with money, but you're all making me WANT this book!

Vicki said...

I love this book. Jill's world is funny and filled with so many things we all go through. Okay, maybe not having a chef put someone in a freezer. :)

Kathy is an amazing author who I'm thrilled to be able to call my friend.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I loved your book Hot Flash, it's an awesome read!


Gwyn Ramsey said...

Loved the post by Cait. The cover is fantastic and your picture is great. Looking forward to seeing you again in April

Gwyn Ramsey

Vicki M. Taylor said...

If Hot Flash is anything like Kathy's other books, than it's sure to be a great read. I"m hooked already and I'm just getting started on the book, so shh, don't tell me how it ends!!

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Anonymous said...
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