Monday, February 09, 2009

Sweetheart Day

I've always loved Valentine's Day, from the moment I started drawing hearts with a red crayon. This red heart was done for a cover idea. Valentine's Day may be my favorite holiday. It's a fun day, and I've already sent some Valentines and heart-shaped cookies. Sweetheart Day should be every day, IMHO, and I'm hoping that this year, especially, little hug-type things will pop up more in our lives.

Where oh where are those large cut-out books, the ones where you made your own envelopes? They were such fun, but this year, I couldn't find them. Penny Valentines are just as good, even enclosed in a letter to a friend.

It was on one Valentine's Day that I discovered little boys would rather play with blocks than make Valentines.

While child-sitting, I'd set out all the "makings" on the kitchen table, ready to cut and glue and color. I called the boys in from playing with blocks and trucks. They sat, looked as if they were being punished and asked to return to their building.

What a shock. My daughters had loved making Valentines. :)

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L.R.MCMAKEN said...

Valentines Day is fun. Remember exchanging all those funny little cards in grade school? What I remember most is when someone's mom baked those heart shaped cookies and we had little cartons of chocolate milk. Ah, those were the days.