Monday, January 05, 2009

My Favorite Stories

Writers are often asked which of their own stories is their favorite. I have several--no, wait--most are favorites, and Flashback and Silence the Whispers fall into my Fav Bin. With a sister of my own, I loved unwrapping the story.

Set on the Oregon coast, one of the most beautiful scenic areas ever, one sister seeks the reason for another's decline and death. Truly one of the most haunting stories I've written, involving the element of billiards, as in billiards parlor. The cover is seafoam, just a beautiful job. I was thrilled.

I'd written about historical billiards in The Wedding Gamble, a woman owner, and returned to that element in Flashback.

I research heavily, have driven the Oregon Trail for another historical, and yet another for Delilah, up to Barkerville, B.C., another gorgeous setting. I usually take several cameras with me, one really old one that always comes thru with the richest color. When I'm home and writing, the photos serve to remind me.

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