Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Perking Creatively and Otherwise

Okay, let's skip the chit-chat about Black Wednesday and get to work. Black Wednesday is a notable time for writers, because so much news of publisher changes, poor book sales, and layoffs occurred on that day.

Writers must adjust, and refer to the good points and accomplishments in their careers. For myself, I am thoroughly pleased with my psychic triplet trilogy of 2008, a real challenge to keep all the threads running straight through from At the Edge
, through A Stranger's Touch
, and ending in For Her Eyes Only

A STRANGER'S TOUCH 4/2008 placed on the NYTs extended, my first hit there, though I've been on other lists.

My new projects are varied and I'm enjoying the end of the year, feeling more creative than ever.

Maybe Black Wednesday came along so that writers could really reach deep and step off the groove to creative other worlds. Anyway, it's an interesting theory I support. I believe there are new opportunities waiting for writers, but we're going to have to reach out and embrace them.

On another note, I am most pleased that Flashback and Silence the Whispers continue to be well received. Patricia Cornell has a video expressing her thoughts on the CSI affect, which is interesting. Another theory is that romantic suspense must either be "hot" or "thriller" to do well.

I wonder. There are a tremendous amount of writers caught/trapped in this very serious economic scenario, some of whom have books in the works, being edited, marketed, etc. The ripple effect isn't like the tiny butterfly one, growing as it sweeps the world. This one begins with a blow from a sledge hammer.

I hope you visit my other blogs to see my "real life". The Second Cup deals with today's life and My Jam Jar reveals more of my "home life" side.

The end of the year brings all this out in me, so be prepared. :)


Anonymous said...

I just (reluctantly) put down For Her Eyes Only. I know the story has ben told but by the third book I have become so invested in these characters that I want the story (somehow) to keep going. Maybe Jonas Saber's story ?
Leona's story was my favorite. Probably because this story was the culmination of and the gathering of all the triplets recent lives. And because of the revelations Leona has of their past losses and the reasons for them. And, well, yeah-Owen. Not only is he a hunk but because of his ancient past and combining of cultures and gifts he may be the strongest of all of them.


Magdalena Scott said...

Cait, I appreciate your attitude to "skip the chit-chat about Black Wednesday and get to work." What a refreshing attitude. Thanks for the reminder to reflect on the good of 2008.
Congratulations on your accomplishments, and keep the insightful posts coming...

Cait London said...

Hi, Jill. Yep, I've had lots of comments about continuing the Aislings, including the mother's story. I'm missing this family.

Thanks, Magdalena. How's Madalenaville, which I follow btw? Folks, do visit her blog at Madalenaville.

Magdalena Scott said...


I posted my previous comment at two-something this morning. Just had to pop back and see if what I wrote made any sense at all.

Thank you for asking about Magdalenaville. Things are perking there rather nicely. Yesterday's post was about the heart-shaped potato, and today I have [arguably] bigger news to share.