Friday, November 14, 2008

Where R U Psychic Mother?

I've been very busy with promotion and am just now catching up on e-mail, website, blogs, etc. Plus life. Oh, yes--Life with the holidays approaching.

One of the most popular requests in my e-mail is for the psychic triplets' mother, Greer. Readers want to know her gift, her story, her love, and how she dealt with such exceptional children.

While I would love to write Greer's story in novel form, I'm afraid she may only arrive on my website. I am well pleased with the reception of my psychic triplets and the interest in them.

The story arc was very, very difficult to write, the conclusion to threads throughout ending in Leona's story.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey as well.


Magdalena Scott said...

Cait, you know best, and we shall accept your decision about Greer.

You sound tired, friend. I hope you'll take a respite before gearing up--again--this time for the holiday.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Cait London said...

Hi, Magdalena, girl with the dimples :)
I am working on a large variety of projects, all at the same time. Everything is good, but busy. And I hope all your holidays are lovely.

Anonymous said...

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