Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm usually very busy during the holidays and my blogging time is scarce. But I'm taking time to reflect how pleased I've been with the reception of my Psychic Triplet Trilogy, a most challenging writer's project.

After a spurt of really fun promotional blogging at others' sites, I'm looking at new projects, writing a bit between the holiday bustle, and wondering "Oh my, do I ever want to do something that intense again?"

But hey, look at Sherrilyn Kenyon's steady stream of very intricately woven stories. Now there is a dedicated writer, whom I admire very much. I wonder, if she can do it, can I, too? as I approach new work--and no, I'm not talking about my new stuff yet, because I'm still attached to my triplets. Separation anxiety (from a finished work) is definitely a writer's affliction.

The e-mail received on these and my other books is thrilling. Silence the Whispers remains a favorite with readers, and What Memories Remain. With a vast category readership asking for more, I'm pleased and feeling very fulfilled as a career writer. Very grateful.

I'm also very busy with 2 other blogs, see at this one's top tabs. I hope you'll visit them, too.

For those readers who want more psychic material, especially the readers commenting on Greer Aisling, the psychic mother of the triplets, it would be a great story, wouldn't it?

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