Sunday, October 26, 2008

Art in My Novels

A writer combines much of themselves into their stories, and while not excelling in any art form, I am basically an artist who enjoys color. This is one of my photographs, Fall in Missouri 2008.

In my psychic triplets trilogy, Claire/Tempest/Leona all are artistic, which just may be an element of psychics, too. Claire uses her love of color to create designer one-of-a-kind handbags. Tempest is a metal sculptor, who also makes jewelry. I loved working with her, because she also incorporated Celtic designs into her sister's bracelets. Her metal work was so much fun, including the big metal rotweillers guarding Claire's front door in Montana. Then Leona, the most powerful of the triplets, has a real eye for layout, fabric and designs, especially shadows. I think of Leona as someone who enjoys the contrast of shadow and light, the patterns, like I do.

When taking photos, shadow and light are a big part of my compositions. I love how shadows cross a road, or the shadow of a tree spreads on the ground.

While taking these photos yesterday--oh, yes, I take regular breaks from my computer to experience life--a friend took me for a nice backwoods drive in AR. Absolutely gorgeous color and those of you on can check out my album there.

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