Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time for the Fair


While some of my ilk are at Romance Writers of America national conference in San Francisco, I'm home.

This is fair week in Springfield, MO, and I'm visiting with these guys. I love draft horses and their history, dating back to knights. Writing as Cait Logan in western historicals, I researched them heavily for the Oregon Trail and Montana. It's very hot here in Midwest MO, but I made a special trip to the fair, just to see them. BTW, a tall lemonade with lots of ice and lemon halves, plus a corn dog now costs $9.

As for the rest of the weekend, I'm staying in the AC and writing.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summertime is Busy

It's a gorgeous morning here in Missouri's Ozarks and I'm letting every bit of that fresh, cool air into my office.

I work better, faster, in cool temperatures, especially in the mornings. Catching up, keeping up with career and life keeps one busy.

Since I manage my own website, graphics, newsletter, mailings and databases, plus 3 blogs now, it's usually busy. If you're interested in my other lives, check out my blogs, Jar and Cup. I've just started Facebook, which is fun. And then I'm promoting FOR HER EYES ONLY, the conclusion of my psychic triplet trilogy.

The trilogy was unusual for a writer. Usually trilogies are built as "standalones." These triplets, Claire, Tempest, and Leona, have a "story arc," which means the conclusion is in the last book, tension rising from the first, heightened by the second.

A trilogy with a story arc is a gamble. A big one, and one I'm glad I took the challenge. Boy, was it a challenge keeping all the threads straight. I write layered books, probably not for everyone, especially those who love simplistic stories. Not that there's anything wrong with that sort, but I just prefer meatier reading, and therefore writing subplots. Ah, subplots, the love of my life. Well, not really. :)

I did enjoy all of the three stories, and when Owen Shaw entered Leona's life everything got just that more exciting, because he is a very, very unusual man. I love the background of the triplets, descended from a Celtic seer and a Viking chieftain, and Owen's. Well, Owen's is a surprise.

However, now, after researching handbags, Celtic and Viking lore, psychic ability, and the "wallpaper" of Montana, Michigan and Lexington, KY, it's time to build future stories. Yes, they are built, or mine are, from the basement. With other families that have multiple books, some called "mini-series," I'm considering adding stories to them that have been on the back burner and include characters who have been requested by readers.

BTW, watch for some gorgeous photos here and at my other blogs. The fuschia lily on my front porch has gifted me. :)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Grammar Girl - Recommended

I'm so impressed with Grammar Girl's Podcast, which has already taken multiple awards, that I'm recommended her upcoming July 8 grammar book.

I love podcasts on my iPod, and playing them in my car while traveling. Since budget demands have cut down my pleasure driving, I'm getting a iPod player that recharges and I can listen at home when I want.

I'm very enthused about several podcasts, so far as writing goes, The Writing Show and Writers on Writing, both of which have wonderful material, including interviews with all sorts of writers, agents, etc.

What am I listening to now? is a usual post. To date, everyone else's has been music. Mine are podcasts :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's Newest

It seems I like bags, and lots of different compartments in them. I also like blogging and have added 2 new ones.

Each blog is for a separate facet of moi. This one features my writing. The Second Cup relates more to the things that touch a woman's every day life, including business and work. My Jam Jar is more for the health and home side of me. It has a cute little flower widget that takes you to a quiz to see what kind of flower you are--I'm a sunflower :)

I've also added Facebook to my circle, but I'm not certain how to get that up and running in everyone's face just yet. :)

But back to bags... I simply love them, all sorts, tho I have favorites. Leona's boutique in Lexington, KY, (FOR HER EYES ONLY)was the perfect time to play with designing (at least in my story) creative handbags.

October's FOR HER EYES ONLY is the conclusion of the psychic triplets' trilogy, the story arc ending with her, as she faces an eerie danger to her family and herself. You'll see a lot of her in the coming months. I did research fabrics and the names of bag-shapes to Claire's story in AT THE EDGE up and running. She's the actual designer and handcrafter.

I've enjoyed the journey with these triplets and I'm still enjoying their company