Friday, June 13, 2008

LL Foster's Servant The Awakening

I've thoroughly enjoyed Gaby in the first Servant by L.L. Foster.

I lean toward Lori Foster's grittier style and enjoyed the influence of graphic comic books through the story. Gaby's conflict, her mission, and her surprising romantic adventure are not diminished by the grotesque underlaying drama. If this is what graphic comic are about, I'd love that darker side. Another installment of Servant is due out in August, and this one new is selling for $1.60 at Amazon and on Kindle, which is quite the little PR package to start a new series.

My own Silence the Whispers and Flashback and others had a tinge of eerie, keeping in line with Avon's contemporary romance format, but as a writer, I'd love to step over the line into something like this.

Recommended reading for those who like to step off the edge a bit.

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