Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Service to Readers and Authors

I recently attended Lori Foster and Diane Casteel's Reader/Author Event in Westchester, OH, and met Barbara Vey, courtesy of her PW blog.

Here's a reader, not an author, who PW tapped to write a column about author news and books, etc. Barbara Vey not only writes about author news and their books, but she's rapidly becoming a figure in publishing. She is invited to different conferences, i.e. Romance Writers of America in San Fran this year, Thrillerfest in NYC, something I'd love to attend, and other events.

Barbara easily circulates with writers and readers and is an on-the-go woman. If you visit her PW column, you'll see she goes that extra mile and has a lot to say about everything, including when she had a tire blow out on the highway.

Please do visit her column at Publishers Weekly. Especially today, Monday, when she collects various news tidbits from authors. I'm in the pack, rather A STRANGER'S TOUCH, the second in my psychic triplet trilogy is :)

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