Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Conclusion

While FOR HER EYES ONLY is the conclusion of the Psychic Triplet Trilogy, Leona's story, the rain here today never seemed to conclude.

In less than 12 hours, the Missouri Ozarks rainfall was approx 7 inches. The creeks are flooded, the rivers wide and muddy and washouts everywhere. People have been evacuated, and a small bridge collapsed. We are now close to the entire year's rainfall levels.

Lightning and thunder started around 3a. and returned for several bouts,the rain a gray curtain. High winds punctuated the storm.

I had big plans for today, all of which included an early a.m. walk along the river, then a hard day at the computer, which was impossible due to the storms.

The whole area seems to be a washout zone now, the ditches filled with running water. We have mosquitoes, plenty of them, and they love me.

It was an odd day, and I sorted paperwork, etc., but there were many families who will be sleeping in new beds tonight--until they can return to their own.

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Alice said...

I love your books so so so so very much. Can't get much done as long as there are pages to read. I love to cross stitch and scrapbook but must read first now. Can't hardly wait for your 3rd book to come out. Will you bring the triplets back in future books? Thanks for your books. I found out about you from your friends at Half Price Book store in Spfd. Looking forward to Leona's story.