Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring Summer Delays

Like most writers, I'm preparing for the summer with family, writing, deadlines, and traveling. I'm also very busy with my yard and home, which I have in common with Claire and Leona, AT THE EDGE and FOR HER EYES ONLY respectively.

Tempest, a "rolling stone" is far too busy and on the move to tend a yard, much less a garden. So today, Claire and Leona are on my discussion menu. Let's listen in to their phone call....

Claire: We've had snow and delays, but I just can't wait for the scents of my roses and for my herb garden. How's your patio plans coming along, Leona?

Leona: Backbreaking, that's how. Here in Lexington, KY we're all into the Preakness and parties and I had hoped to have a special event at my shop. Tempest designed some great charms for bracelets. They're a numbered selection, but not one of a kind. I'd wanted to feature them in an Event close to the Preakness. But my backyard is all torn up right now, bricks stacked everywhere.

Claire: Tempest sent me the charms. I thought I might work something into my handbag designs. She's designing some for purse pulls, too. The motifs should sell well for you.

Leona: Yes, they will. On the matter of herbs, I did go out and get some sweet basil. I love to snip it into pasta salads. My chive pot is blooming, so I've got to use some of that pretty soon. I just wish I had more time.

Claire: Mom had a great herb garden. Remember all those fresh scents mixed with the salt air on the coast. I really miss that sometimes.

Leona: And the roses. The size of plates. And the fish markets. Are you still walking at night?

Claire: I am. I love the night sounds, the deer rustling in the underbrush. We have wild roses here, you know. There's really nothing like a clear Big Sky country night.

Leona: I loved it there with you. Too bad we can't stay closer together, but then that old psychic thing, you know.

Claire: We could with Mom or Tempest around. They settle us. I'm too receptive to anything and you're getting very strong.... Okay, you're too quiet and that means you know that you're feeling something and you're scared. I am, too.

Leona: We'll get through this, Claire. We've gotten through everything before....

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