Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making Jam

In FOR HER EYES ONLY, Leona makes jam, the same as I am doing right now.

It's strawberry season, and I've made 2 batches so far, and will make more if time. I'm considering a new blog, apart from that will expose my other life, filled with tips, products, whatever that touch our lives.

But right now, I'm gearing up for the last book of the psychic triplet trilogy, and just received my first batch of ad covers in that sweet purple cover. My first purple cover ever!

It's a perfect match to A STRANGER'S TOUCH, which is to the blue tones. I've really enjoyed writing the trilogy, and hope you enjoy it, too.

BTW, you bloggers. I happen to love blogging and if you're needing a guest, I'm lining up for October, the release of FOR HER EYES ONLY.

More on my new expose blog later....Stay tuned.


Ashley Ladd said...

I'd love to have you as a blogger guest on my blog, Cait. October's fine. If you ever need a blogger guest, I'm available as well, I have a book coming out in July and more contracted but no known release dates yet.

I've never made my own jam. Is it hard and very time consuming?

Cait London said...

Hi, Ashley. Jam is easy. Here's the basic, but follow the pectin whatever recipe per kind of fruit: Just have your "mash" ready to the measurement called for, the sugar premeasured and the sterilized jars, lids and rings hot. I use Can-Jel, mix it with the mash, heat, add sugar, skim the foam, and ladle into jars, seal, turn upside down for 5 minutes, let set for 24. The cute little jars make nice gifts. With everything at the ready, it probably takes 30-45 minutes max.