Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making Jam

In FOR HER EYES ONLY, Leona makes jam, the same as I am doing right now.

It's strawberry season, and I've made 2 batches so far, and will make more if time. I'm considering a new blog, apart from that will expose my other life, filled with tips, products, whatever that touch our lives.

But right now, I'm gearing up for the last book of the psychic triplet trilogy, and just received my first batch of ad covers in that sweet purple cover. My first purple cover ever!

It's a perfect match to A STRANGER'S TOUCH, which is to the blue tones. I've really enjoyed writing the trilogy, and hope you enjoy it, too.

BTW, you bloggers. I happen to love blogging and if you're needing a guest, I'm lining up for October, the release of FOR HER EYES ONLY.

More on my new expose blog later....Stay tuned.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Triplets Discuss Self-Tanning

The Aisling-Bartel triplets have inherited very fine, fair skin, and summer tanning, or protection from the sun is their conference-call topic today.

Claire: I don't go out very often in the sun, but I've just got to do something for a little face-color. I wear a hat if gardening in my backyard, but sometimes, I just feel like I don't want to look like a ghost.

Tempest: Come on...between that big sun hat and those huge glasses and sunscreen, you don't have to worry about sun. Let alone walking at night.

Claire: I garden and work outside when the sun isn't at its peak, so I do see the light of day, Tempest.

Leona: I have to have some color, or my customers at Timeless Vintage would think I'm a ghoul. I self-tan.

Claire: Sounds reasonable.

Tempest: You, two. A little sun with sunscreen won't hurt you.

Leona: Uh-huh, that's why I saw those self-tanning streaks on you last year. You have to be very careful with that. There's nothing like wearing orange streaks on your legs and it coming off on your bath towels. If you do that, get a good brand, maybe a spray.

Tempest: Okay, I admit it. I self-tan. I like the towelettes now. They come in foil packages which are great for travel. Yep, just exfoliate and wipe, that's the easiest.

Leona: Claire, I use a bronzer on my face...just brush on and go.

Claire: I hate to shop for cosmetics. I'd probably by the wrong shade, if doing it myself. But a bronzer does sound easier.

Tempest: I like those rough gloves for exfoliating, the body, I mean. (looking at her legs) I've just got to get a decent pedicure to start off the summer. I can handle it the rest of the season, but to start, I like a professional job, the hot wax, etc. Ah, there's nothing like a great spa.

Leona: While you're there, get your tan sprayed on, Tempest.

Claire: I'd love a spa day. I'd be afraid of too much--

Leona: Right. The attendants would have to be specially chosen, so you couldn't catch all their psychic-fluff. Mm. I'll make a note of that, to search out a spa for my little sis.

Claire: I'm only 6 minutes younger than you, Leona. But I would appreciate any recommendations.

Tempest: Get a man with great hands. I feel like a wet noodle when they massage me. Men's hands are just bigger and knead better. Though the last one did get a little fresh.

Leona: You probably liked it :) Back to the pedicure....

Tempest: (smiling and teasing) Because your lovelife sucks, right? We wouldn't want to get you all hot and bothered, talking about men's hands. :)

Leona: Hey. If I wanted one.... (snaps fingers)

Tempest: Okay, okay. Just teasing. Why don't we treat Mom to a spa day? Her birthday is coming up.

Claire: Good idea. Count me in.

Leona: I'll work on it. Try those towelette things, Claire. Tempest is right. They are great. You can barely see her freckles now. :).... Mom just picked up.

Greer: You caught me. I thought I felt myself being discussed.

Tempest: Actually, we were discussing your lovelife. Rather lack of one.

Greer: Let's not go there, Tempest. Okay, why did the back of my neck tingle, like I'm on your discussion menu? (voice sharpens) Are one of you hurt? Do you need me?

Leona: We're all fine, just discussion self-tanning and pedicures.

Greer: Oh, I see. Summer emergencies, right? I've self-tanned for years, or used a bronzer when necessary. I have to leave now. I'm set for a day at the spa and a much-needed pedicure. George is a wonderful masseuse, great hands...takes all the tension right out of me.


Claire/Tempest/Leona: Have to go. Bye.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring Summer Delays

Like most writers, I'm preparing for the summer with family, writing, deadlines, and traveling. I'm also very busy with my yard and home, which I have in common with Claire and Leona, AT THE EDGE and FOR HER EYES ONLY respectively.

Tempest, a "rolling stone" is far too busy and on the move to tend a yard, much less a garden. So today, Claire and Leona are on my discussion menu. Let's listen in to their phone call....

Claire: We've had snow and delays, but I just can't wait for the scents of my roses and for my herb garden. How's your patio plans coming along, Leona?

Leona: Backbreaking, that's how. Here in Lexington, KY we're all into the Preakness and parties and I had hoped to have a special event at my shop. Tempest designed some great charms for bracelets. They're a numbered selection, but not one of a kind. I'd wanted to feature them in an Event close to the Preakness. But my backyard is all torn up right now, bricks stacked everywhere.

Claire: Tempest sent me the charms. I thought I might work something into my handbag designs. She's designing some for purse pulls, too. The motifs should sell well for you.

Leona: Yes, they will. On the matter of herbs, I did go out and get some sweet basil. I love to snip it into pasta salads. My chive pot is blooming, so I've got to use some of that pretty soon. I just wish I had more time.

Claire: Mom had a great herb garden. Remember all those fresh scents mixed with the salt air on the coast. I really miss that sometimes.

Leona: And the roses. The size of plates. And the fish markets. Are you still walking at night?

Claire: I am. I love the night sounds, the deer rustling in the underbrush. We have wild roses here, you know. There's really nothing like a clear Big Sky country night.

Leona: I loved it there with you. Too bad we can't stay closer together, but then that old psychic thing, you know.

Claire: We could with Mom or Tempest around. They settle us. I'm too receptive to anything and you're getting very strong.... Okay, you're too quiet and that means you know that you're feeling something and you're scared. I am, too.

Leona: We'll get through this, Claire. We've gotten through everything before....

Friday, May 02, 2008

Midwest Storms

It started with a low rumble. With thunderstorm season upon the Midwest, I instantly was on my feet, disconnecting my computers.

That was at 5:30 this morning, 5/2/08. Minutes later the storm hit in fury. 70 miles an hour winds, one huge pop and the electricity was out.
With a flashlight in hand, I grabbed my purse, which held my cell phone. Misouri's tornado season started in January, the usual in mid-March. Those high winds could mean a tornado. We'd already seen devastation and floods and other tornados, but still, here came another round.
I have a packed emergency basket for tornadoes, which includes batteries, water, candles, whatever, and I grabbed that, keeping it close.
With high winds, lighted candles can be dangerous--if it is actually a tornado. So I sat in the dark, waiting for the time to grab my basket and head for the basement.. Cell phone calls began coming in from family. Was I all right?
Sure. Let's not talk, I'm low on battery. Call you later....
The storm gradually eased to a few pops and rumbles. Now my subsidivion is too quiet, electric garage doors firmly closed, waiting for "juice" to open them. Nothing would taste better than fresh brewed coffee, but lukewarm served. I thought briefly about manually opening my garage door, and driving for fresh. But another pop of very close lightning killed that idea. T-storms can be deceptive beasts, easing away and then leaping back with a fury.
Gradually, the storm did move on. The efficient news-team reports on my battery radio ran to scattered damage, roads closed, whole regions out of electricity, people slowly returning to work, just a little late.
Still without electricity, I heated a cup of coffee on my aromatherapy burner, not the best tasting brew, but fine under the circumstances. A few candles are burning now in the twlight and soon they won't be needed.
As I stood on my front porch, I could see the electric crews working through different transformers, checking to see which was the right one. In emergencies, these guys are heroes, working in adverse and dangerous conditions, out there doing their jobs.
According to the radio, limbs are blocking the roads and some workers will be late. One school, the buses already in route, has cancelled, the children to be returned home.
When you're a working mother with school age children, this is something you don't want--young children returned to home base, when you are needed at your paying job.
Personaly, I think a working mother, be it a single mother or not, is one of the most stressful jobs.
With Mother's Day almost here, I raise my coffee cup to you, working mothers....