Friday, April 11, 2008

Sneak Peek COVER

FOR HER EYES ONLY is an October 2008 release, and the final in the psychic triplet trilogy.
In FOR HER EYES ONLY, Leona and Owen, are tangled in a dangerous web with someone who intends to kill her. Leona, suspected to be the strongest of the psychic triplets, doesn't want her gift and considers it a curse. However to save her family, she may have to "open" herself! This has been quite the journey, with all three sisters and hopefully all the readers will enjoy it. I'd love to hear from you.


Virginia said...

Great cover Cait! I love it. It is kind of sexy, beautiful. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month to you. I also have a birthday this month myself on the 28 I will be 53 so I try not to think about the birthday thing much.

Anonymous said...

I Love this cover best in the trilogy!

Happy Birthday Cait and too you too Virginia!


Cait London said...

Happy B-Day, Virgina. While I celebrate all month, you might want to START your month on the 28th. Otherwise you'll be shorted :) We want it all, don't we? :)

Again, happy birthday, Virginia, and thanks for the comment on my new cover, Ivka.

Caffey said...

Hi Cait!! You got your purple cover! Congrats. Gosh, its so beautiful!
Cathie (Caffey from chat)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're getting the Royal Purple treatment...

Well deserved!

Looking forward to reading the last of the triplet's story.


Cait London said...

Hey, I did get my "Royal Purple" cover, didn't I? It's great and just matches A STRANGER'S TOUCH. Gosh, I hope all you guys turn up April 16 at and at
At my booksigning yesterday, several readers bought both AT THE EDGE and A STRANGER'S TOUCH for gifts. How nice!