Monday, April 07, 2008

Ode to Booksellers Denise and Harriet

In this business you can't go anywhere without great booksellers. My editor has just notified me that I've FINALLY made the NYTs bestselling list in Mass Market, extended,with A STRANGER'S TOUCH. The 2nd of this trilogy also placed on Borders bestselling MM Paperback. But a writer needs help, and at the top of the list is a good bookseller. I know quite a few. This is where Denise and Harriet come in...

Foremost is: Harriet at Joplin's great Books-A-Million is a favorite and knows how to work her customers. While signing books there again with A STRANGER'S TOUCH, I noticed how many of her customers stopped to chat with her. Ah. A friendly, knowledgeable bookseller. Yes, Harriet is also a reader. I'll be signing there with October's FOR HER EYES ONLY, the last of the trilogy story arc.
It's a great store, too.

Then Denise at Borders in Springfield, MO saved my bacon, as the saying goes. I'd hunted all over for just the right research book for Claire's story, AT THE EDGE. I couldn't find one and stopped into check Borders. Denise found the perfect research book, Bags with Style. I loved that book and found the creation of designer bags very interesting.

For Tempest's A STRANGER'S TOUCH just out now I researched Runes, marina storage sheds, large boating craft/motors/storage bays/lift systems, and an Albuquerque friend clued me in on the desert scenes where Tempest's story starts. For the actual setting, I'd already researched Lake Michigan for previous books.

While I'm flying along on my bestseller list cloud, I'm pretty thankful for people like the above--and many others, like Kathy of new-and-used Half-Price Books in Springfield, MO, who often helps me with different projects.


CurtissAnn said...

I am just sooooo happy for you, girlfriend. You are a woman with talent, skill, and style!

Your blog is good, too. :)


Virginia said...

Congratulations on being on the best sellars list!! You go girl!!

Also would like to wish you a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Cait London said...

Thanks, CA. (She's really great, too, in all ways.)