Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogging on Toes or Self-Talk

First of all, I've been promoting my psychic triplets, and have little time to answer all the great Happy Birthday wishes coming my way. I think you now, all you thoughtful people, and especially you Aries girls :)

Mark your calendars! I'm blogging this week at Riding with the Top Down, April 16. I'm also blogging on the same date at A Slice of Orange, about Things I Wish I'd Known. I hope you can come to both. Right now, I am looking writing for Top. I'm running through a list of selections, maybe you can help me decide...

Yesterday, I had a little drive to attend a writers meeting, and then go on to my book signing for A STRANGER'S TOUCH. I like to listen to podcasts while I am traveling in the distance at all. There are a number of great podcasts on writing and promotion, and the ideas were flowing. One podcast was on Self-Talk, or coaching yourself through a difficult situation. I liked this topic, done in an interview with a shy writer, who is having to get out and promote her books. Very interesting topic, since many writers are reclusive and find going public very difficult. When we write, we're in our little nest. Then suddenly to promote our books, we' re amid all different kinds of situations. Self-Talk is a very interesting topic to me, since I do it all the time. I use a lot of affirmations, including the visual of The Little Train That Could, choo-chooing up that hill.

Mm. Maybe I'd better not continue with this dialogue, because I might want to write it. On the other hand there is the intrigue Inc. subject of Toes. I've been working on Toes idea for quite some time, and don't know how I'm going to bundle it. A blog may be just the place to start.

I was talking to Wilson about toes the other day. Remember Wilson? The pumpkin who is sitting in my bread bowl right now, watching television? To do Toes, I'll need to do some graphic work, and that takes time. So it's a toss up whether I am going to write about Self-Talk or Toes. What do you think?


CurtissAnn said...

Honey, is that a picture of one of your grandbabies toes? Sooo cute.

I have learned the great power of self-talk. Besides that, I'm interesting and encouraging. It's a gift. :)

Your birthday? I missed it-- but it is for the month, isn't it?! You taught me to celebrate the whole month, and I dooo!

Cait London said...

I started taking pictures of feet some time ago, in preparation for whatever creative outlet I could find later on. I've taken adult feet, but nothing compares to children's, so now take all the children's feet the parents will allow. Someday, I'll be able to use them somehow. I originally thought a children's picture book, but now I don't know.