Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Out Today, 3/25 and I'm on this blogging tour, talking Marcus and Tempest's story. If you're a writer, you'll find lots of tips stashed into this tour. If you're a reader, well, I hope you enjoy the ride. :)

My next stop is at Fresh Fiction 3/26 and then NovelTalk for a chat in the evening. Hope to see you there. It's usually a lot of fun, and this time, I'm sending autographed postcards to those who attend.

Here's a blurb for A STRANGER'S TOUCH:
A STRANGER'S TOUCH, Avon RS with a psychic touch, the second of a trilogy. ISBN 978-006114051-8 April 2008

Descended from a Celtic seer and a Viking chieftain, each contemporary triplet faces her uncanny, unwanted gift and danger, each with one special man. First came Claire, the empath, in AT THE EDGE. Now meet Tempest in A STRANGER'S TOUCH.

With one touch, Tempest Storm, the middle-born of the Aisling Psychic Triplets, can tell the history of any object, including everything about the person who held it. She wears gloves to protect her sensitive hands, and Marcus, the one man she can't forget wants her gloves off as they team up to open a cold-case murder.

A BARGAIN MADE: She's on the run from her haunted past and the man she can't forget. Marcus has the ancient relic she's been desperately hunting and he's not feeling sweet about Tempest leaving his bed after a one-night tryst. She'll do anything to save her family and unlock the dangerous secrets of the past. But when Tempest's psychic hands begin to unravel that cold-case, a killer wants her dead....
Tempest and Marcus's story is the second in the trilogy. For more, visit the Psychic Triplets. Anc checkout the excerpts.


Jane said...

Hi Cait,
I read "At the Edge" a couple of months ago and I've been waiting for Tempest's story.

Brandy said...

I'm still waiting for my local BAMM to get this in! Hopefully this weekend!

Cait London said...

Jane and Brandy,
So hope you enjoy A STRANGER'S TOUCH. It's very different from Claire's, AT THE EDGE, because the sisters are very unique and individual.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed this book ! Probably more than I did Claire's. I do not know why, maybe because I was able to read it in larger chunks with fewer interruptions. We drove down to Eureka Springs this weekend. Riding in the car is my prime reading time. Left town in the snow and came home in the snow. Crazy.
Tempest is so torn between what she discovers with her gift and her love for Marcus and her acceptance of his love and protection. Marcus is torn by Tempest's revelations of his past and his fierce desire to protect Tempest.
My 2 favorite scenes are when Tempest is on the marina's back stair with the fog below calling to her and Marcus holding her from above--creeped me out. That's a compliment :) The other is the scene in the marina when Marcus finds out he is Kenny's son and then storms out. Kenny opens his arms to Tempest and she takes shelter there.