Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missouri Rains, Wilson and My Blogging


Here's my blogging schedule. I hope you can come:

3/22 Poes Deadly Daughters
3/26 Fresh Fiction's Blog
3/27 Love is an Exploding Cigar
4/16 Riding with the Top Down
4/16 A Slice of Orange (OCCRWA's blog)

3/26 NovelTalk

I promised a picture of Wilson. Not Tom Hank's Wilson, but the pumpkin that traveled to Kentucky with me in my bread bowl. He's on my couch now and I've grown fond of him. The daffodils are Before and After rain, a sad, sad story here with lots of flooding.

I intended to get out and take some photos of the creeks, but haven't. I was offline most of the day, due to T-storms, my yard is like a swamp, but things are okay. My heart is with some folks who had to seek shelter and lost homes throughout the Midwest. Today is still soggy and overcast, and I've got to go dig a small trench to siphon off a little backyard "pond."

Other than that, I'm doing a lot of promos and at Love is an Exploding Cigar, listed on my schedule, you can learn more about Wilson's travels.
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DK said...

I love the pic of Wilson! I can just see you traveling across country with that thing. LOL Glad you didn't get swept away last night. We're dry on this side of the creek, too. Thanks for posting your schedule; I will try to pop in on some of these.
Stay dry - and Happy Easter!
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