Friday, March 07, 2008

Individual, Unique Storylines

Throughout my career, I've worked very hard to create unique stories. In the Aislings Psychic Triplet Trilogy, each triplet has a unique personality and very individual life experiences. With A STRANGER'S TOUCH appearing on the stands soon, I'm reliving all the research invested into the trilogy to make it very unique, basic plot and romance, the suspense, and the threads running through all three books.

However, there are writers who do quite well with alternatives on one basic storyline.

I "build" or create my storylines from the basement, which gives more texture. The triplets' experiences in childhood are different, because each has a special psychic gift, and a relationship to the other two sisters.

Family relationships play a huge part in constructing a familial storyline, the birth order mixed in there somewhere. Claire, the last born, was the perfect place to start. Why? Because she is the most gentle, the one who can be endangered more easily, who will rally the others when she is affected. I wanted to work up to Leona, in FOR HER EYES ONLY, an 10/08 book, because she is the most fierce. Tempest, in A STRANGER'S TOUCH, has a very different gift from Claire or Leona, because she has some freedom to move about society easily--if gloves cover her psychic hands. Tempest also has the ability to move between the other psychics more easily.

Because their familial and psychic ties are so strong, the triplets and their mother, must live apart. Otherwise, they'll be into each other's lives, and loves. Imagine standing on that beach with a lover as Tempest does with Marcus. Now imagine your mother and sisters communicating through the universal psychic portal of water. Now that gets interesting, doesn't it?

Each setting was chosen carefully for that special triplet. Claire in isolated Montana, Tempest in A STRANGER'S TOUCH is set on the shores of Lake Michigan, and then Leona's story is set in Lexington, KY.

The threads moving through the trilogy also cause the story settings.

The triplets' personalities are built on my own experienced relationships with mother, sister, and family. Tempest also reminds me very much of one daughter, my model for her personality, with a few minor adjustments.

I also used my own interests throughout each story. So a lot of Me is contained within my stories. One interest is Runes, and that is a photo of my own set. The Celtic design is one of my earrings.

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