Saturday, March 01, 2008

April and October

Promotion for A STRANGER'S TOUCH is now going pretty well, if sporatic. I love this cover and the new cover for FOR HER EYES ONLY has just come thru.

It's shades of purple. I've never had a purple cover, so am looking forward to the experience.

A STRANGER'S TOUCH's bookmarks just came in and I've sent out a number of postcards to readers, but actually haven't done my usual.

I've very glad to have had the experience of this trilogy, a new one at Avon, though the Langtrees were connected books. At Desire, I've had several series, including the Tallchiefs and I enjoyed those.

I'm having a good time with it all and can't wait until Tempest and Marcus's stories hit the stands. Talk about opposites!

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