Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I baked cookies for those living away, the red boxes filled with gingerbread men. By the time I was finished baking the whole recipe, I was dreaming gingerbread men. They are only 2 inches high. The oatmeal cookies are for the adults.

My heart-shaped cookie cutter has vamoosed somewhere. We have a lot of kitchen/gourmet stores in town and I hunted thoroughly without results. One clerk said she didn't think people baked cutter cookies any more. If they don't, why is every shape known to man dripping from the shelves, including airplanes, bunnies, etc.?

The search became a real hunt, which included a glass top for my antique Revereware perking pot. No one had them. EXCEPT, the best store ever that has everything. Called Dick's 5 and Dime and located in downtown Branson, this old fashioned dimestore drips everything you've ever wanted, or could want. There, to be sure were several different styles of heart-shaped cookie cutters, and my perculator top.

I wait for Valentine's Day all year long and shop for little items that might apply.

Also gone, to my sadness, are those huge paper books with cutout Valentine's and glue-together envelopes. They were so much fun.

I'd baked gingerbread men, the larger version at Christmas, but these little guys were all over my kitchen. That last batch was really difficult to follow through :)


WK said...

Wow the look good! I can't bake very well. I do try for the kids' birthdays, but that's about it.LOL

Hope they are enjoyed as they look great.

Happy Valentine's Day!


catslady said...

Yes, they look scrumptious! I'm afraid I don't bake very often any more since it's usually just the two of us and I'd eat them all lol.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

They look sooooo good and yummy! I never thought of baking little gingerbread men-gonna have to look for that cookie cutter! Now you are really making hungry to make some!
Happy Valentines Day!

Virginia said...

These cookies look great. I used to bake like that when my son was young, but not anymore. My husband and I are to fat now. Also I used to use cookie cutters to make my sons sandwidges when he was young just to get him to eat his lunch. You know sandwidges are better when they are in the shape of an airplane.

Dee D said...

Hi Cait, Looks really good!! I never bake for Valentine's, usually end up working and it's too easy to buy cool stuff for the kids. Hope you get lots of goodies for Valentines. Keep the wonderful books coming, I love them every one!!!

glenna day said...

Those cookies look so good. Oatmeal is my favorite. I don't do much baking anymore. These look so good though may have to go back at it.

Cait London said...

I've already gotten feedback from their mothers: "Love 'em. Bites off the legs first. No sugar topping. Comes off, gets everywhere." But hey, that's okay w/me! I've lost my favorite pumpkin cookie recipes with nuts and raisins. I've wondered about making these little guys and then placing them on the frosting around a cake. My family used to love the pumpkin ones. Thanks all, for writing.

Maureen said...

Everything looks wonderful. I hope you all enjoy them.

acdaisy95 said...

Looks yummy!

Cait London said...

Would you believe it? I tasted one and just kept on baking. For some reason, after baking tons of these, I wasn't that hungry for them! :)

Ruth Hunter said...

What a beautiful Blog. Looks as wonderful as the valentine goodies.

Cait London said...

Thank you, Ruth. I just worked with a skin from freeskins.blogspot.com and an istockphoto.com I'm probably going to do another one for another element. I love the widgets and am looking at podcasting. Hope you and the gang are doing well.