Friday, February 01, 2008

The Manuscript Goes into the Mail

Here we go in a Midwest blizzard, with Valentine's Day coming up! I've just updated my website with more on the Aisling Psychic Triplets, including an excerpt of A STRANGER'S TOUCH, the second of the trilogy. And I've just put another book in the mail, FOR HER EYES ONLY, pub date 10/08, which is the third triplet, Leona. (Remember? Claire was the first in AT THE EDGE.

This was my first trilogy at Avon and my first, well second psychic stuff--one was a Silhouette Desire with a telepathic dog, also set in Montana, like AT THE EDGE. Montana is great; I also set a historical there, THE WEDDING GAMBLE. Beautiful cover on that book, but also on A STRANGER'S TOUCH. Love those blues with hot pink font.

These are very special books to me, but then all of them are. I often am asked about my favorite book. Usually, that is the one I am currently writing. Two stand out, though: Silence the Whispers and Flashback. They were also very special/unique books.

I try to write very different stories each time, and I think I do :)Many non-writers are surprised at the amount of planning that goes into a book, and more into a series. Hours and hours of planning. I especially like that, and the plotting. Every writer has their own special what-I-like-to-do best, and mine may be plotting. I came in with my own "voice," but I had much to learn about the dynamics of plotting, all those years ago. I also had the stories inside me, so said my first editor. It was a matter of getting them out :)

One of my favorite writers and a true long-term career master has noted that she revises, revises, revises. That is so true, and even the minute before a manuscript is ready to go out the door, every writer will want to wiggle one or two places, or change words.

It's very difficult to cut that umbilical cord.

I've had a good time with the Aislings and their men, and I'm cleaning up my desk and getting ready for an entirely different adventure. :)

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