Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Review

It's always scary when waiting for that very first review. This time, I'm waiting for A Stranger's Touch 4/08 reviews. Detra Fitch, reviewer for Huntress Reviews gives A STRANGER'S TOUCH 5 Stars. Count 'em. Five Stars. Breathing sigh of relief here.

Repeat, no matter how many books you write, review time is always scary. It's scary not because you don't have faith in your work, but it's more like you're putting your very pretty and perfect baby out for public examination. Some reviewers may think your baby is ugly, or has a wart on its nose. Or maybe they just didn't get it. Sometimes reviewers are assigned a book that isn't something they prefer to read. Naturally, that book will not align with their preferences. Some are critical for personal reasons.

But most are just great. So take the previous and dismiss them. My child is beautiful, after all. :)

Then along comes reviewers like Detra Fitch, who are actually readers of the material I and others create. This is her review of A STRANGER'S TOUCH:
TITLE: A Stranger's Touch (March 25, 2008)
AUTHOR: Cait London
13 ISBN: 9780061140518
10 ISBN: 0061140511
***** I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about this story. It grabbed me within the very first paragraph and never let me go. I repeat, it NEVER let me go. The characters are realistic. It is so well written that I could easily see and understand everything Marcus, Tempest, and the other Bartels felt. Make sure you have a quiet day ahead, order pizza, and turn off all connections to the outside world before you even open the cover of this gem. Absolutely fantastic! *****

Thank you, Detra. :)


caro said...

I love the cover. Can't wait to read what's inside. The first book of the trilogy, "At The Edge" kept me spellbound and I am so anxious for more on this fascinating family of psychics.


Anonymous said...

Caro, this one is even better...if that is even possible. PRE-order!