Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And It Begins 2008

New Years Day: I'm already behind! This year is pretty much lined up with activities and work, family stuff, too. Yesterday, the day before Jan 1 was special. I didn't get everything done that I'd wanted, preparing for a quiet evening, welcoming in 2008. I usually try for a clean desk, a clean mind, and straighten a few things.

But yesterday didn't go that way. Flu abounds around here and I made chicken soup for friends and didn't have a planned year-end coffee with a good friend, both with different flus.

Didn't light the fireplace, due to our heavy winds. But it is a nice mood thingie for the end of the year.

As a self-employed writer (a high percentage have day jobs), I made my usual stop for office supplies, something I actually like to do. At the end of the year, you'll find people crammed into the supply stores, stocking up.

That's a usual year-end deal, so is working with taxes, plugging the final stuff into spreadsheets. I'm a little ahead on that this year as I've been keeping up somewhat.

But so far as scheduling in 2008, I'm already set for some guest blogging, which I love and an appearance I haven't attended before, pretty happy about this one. Then there's the usual supply of articles, etc. and due dates, these for groups/newsletters. (I belong to a lot.) To keep all this in line, I tried calendars, I tried desk calendars, mini ones and Day Timers. But the only thing I've been able to do successfully, birthdays, family stuff, included is a PDA. Can't seem to manage without one. Addresses, business contacts and family, birthdays, stats on new babies, etc., all in electronic files.

Hey-ho, 2008. I'm ready with 2 books, 2 and 3 of the Aisling Psychic Triplet Trilogy, A STRANGER'S TOUCH 4/08 and FOR HER EYES ONLY 10/08. I'm just starting on those promotions, more to schedule. :)

So I'd better get to work. We'll deal with goals later. And yes, I have a few :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Cait/Lois. It's been a long time, but so glad I am now on internet and can get ahold of you this way. It's great to read your comments about your books and what is going on. Imagine some of the family you have been seeing is the same ones that I know. I'm learning how to use this thing so don't know any other way to correspond. Am looking forward to finding all the books that I have missed since you changed what you are writing. My husband is now reading all the ones that I had gathered since the beginning. Happy New Year. bkime52@yahoo.com