Monday, December 22, 2008

Dustin Hoffman

Yesterday, I watched a really good interview with Dustin Hoffman, and he had something to say, that could pertain to writers in these hard publishing times.

With a huge background of work and new work ahead for Hoffman, he's been around a enough blocks for me to respect his outlooks.

Somewhere within the interview, which was done very well, btw, Hoffman said something like this: If times are bad and work scarce, artists can paint (I'm also an artist, counting on post-holiday time to relax with that), writers can write new material, but actors--actors have to have an audience, a film to work.

"The Writers" part really struck me. We can continue to write and produce, no matter the stituation, contract or no. However, actors must have a stage, a role to play. Think about the difference in these two concepts. So, writers can continue to work, no matter what.

Storing up copy for a possible sale also gives us a real plus this way: When emotional times are rough and there is no leaving the present physical situation for relief, writing presents another whole realm to explore, a habitat and characters we can build to escape real-life problems.

So. We have work, no matter what. And we have psychological vacations.

How much better can it get? :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Perking Creatively and Otherwise

Okay, let's skip the chit-chat about Black Wednesday and get to work. Black Wednesday is a notable time for writers, because so much news of publisher changes, poor book sales, and layoffs occurred on that day.

Writers must adjust, and refer to the good points and accomplishments in their careers. For myself, I am thoroughly pleased with my psychic triplet trilogy of 2008, a real challenge to keep all the threads running straight through from At the Edge
, through A Stranger's Touch
, and ending in For Her Eyes Only

A STRANGER'S TOUCH 4/2008 placed on the NYTs extended, my first hit there, though I've been on other lists.

My new projects are varied and I'm enjoying the end of the year, feeling more creative than ever.

Maybe Black Wednesday came along so that writers could really reach deep and step off the groove to creative other worlds. Anyway, it's an interesting theory I support. I believe there are new opportunities waiting for writers, but we're going to have to reach out and embrace them.

On another note, I am most pleased that Flashback and Silence the Whispers continue to be well received. Patricia Cornell has a video expressing her thoughts on the CSI affect, which is interesting. Another theory is that romantic suspense must either be "hot" or "thriller" to do well.

I wonder. There are a tremendous amount of writers caught/trapped in this very serious economic scenario, some of whom have books in the works, being edited, marketed, etc. The ripple effect isn't like the tiny butterfly one, growing as it sweeps the world. This one begins with a blow from a sledge hammer.

I hope you visit my other blogs to see my "real life". The Second Cup deals with today's life and My Jam Jar reveals more of my "home life" side.

The end of the year brings all this out in me, so be prepared. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm usually very busy during the holidays and my blogging time is scarce. But I'm taking time to reflect how pleased I've been with the reception of my Psychic Triplet Trilogy, a most challenging writer's project.

After a spurt of really fun promotional blogging at others' sites, I'm looking at new projects, writing a bit between the holiday bustle, and wondering "Oh my, do I ever want to do something that intense again?"

But hey, look at Sherrilyn Kenyon's steady stream of very intricately woven stories. Now there is a dedicated writer, whom I admire very much. I wonder, if she can do it, can I, too? as I approach new work--and no, I'm not talking about my new stuff yet, because I'm still attached to my triplets. Separation anxiety (from a finished work) is definitely a writer's affliction.

The e-mail received on these and my other books is thrilling. Silence the Whispers remains a favorite with readers, and What Memories Remain. With a vast category readership asking for more, I'm pleased and feeling very fulfilled as a career writer. Very grateful.

I'm also very busy with 2 other blogs, see at this one's top tabs. I hope you'll visit them, too.

For those readers who want more psychic material, especially the readers commenting on Greer Aisling, the psychic mother of the triplets, it would be a great story, wouldn't it?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where R U Psychic Mother?

I've been very busy with promotion and am just now catching up on e-mail, website, blogs, etc. Plus life. Oh, yes--Life with the holidays approaching.

One of the most popular requests in my e-mail is for the psychic triplets' mother, Greer. Readers want to know her gift, her story, her love, and how she dealt with such exceptional children.

While I would love to write Greer's story in novel form, I'm afraid she may only arrive on my website. I am well pleased with the reception of my psychic triplets and the interest in them.

The story arc was very, very difficult to write, the conclusion to threads throughout ending in Leona's story.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey as well.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Hero Interviews: The Wearing of the Jeans

I'm guest blogging at Orange County RWA today about The Wearing of the Jeans, and interviewing my triplet trilogy heroes about how they like to wear their jeans.

Today will conclude an intense round of guest blogging and that schedule is up at my website for now. As usual at the first of the month, I'm updating it.

I've just posted my fall driving trips at Missouri's countryside is gorgeous, wrapped in color now, all fiery reds/oranges/yellows.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Art in My Novels

A writer combines much of themselves into their stories, and while not excelling in any art form, I am basically an artist who enjoys color. This is one of my photographs, Fall in Missouri 2008.

In my psychic triplets trilogy, Claire/Tempest/Leona all are artistic, which just may be an element of psychics, too. Claire uses her love of color to create designer one-of-a-kind handbags. Tempest is a metal sculptor, who also makes jewelry. I loved working with her, because she also incorporated Celtic designs into her sister's bracelets. Her metal work was so much fun, including the big metal rotweillers guarding Claire's front door in Montana. Then Leona, the most powerful of the triplets, has a real eye for layout, fabric and designs, especially shadows. I think of Leona as someone who enjoys the contrast of shadow and light, the patterns, like I do.

When taking photos, shadow and light are a big part of my compositions. I love how shadows cross a road, or the shadow of a tree spreads on the ground.

While taking these photos yesterday--oh, yes, I take regular breaks from my computer to experience life--a friend took me for a nice backwoods drive in AR. Absolutely gorgeous color and those of you on can check out my album there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling Rejected?

If you're a writer and have had a rejection, then you know it feels like an arrow through the heart. I'm blogging today at Riding With the Top Down, and picking up how to groan/sigh well on the way to recovery.

It's all in good fun, so please join in with anything you do for theraphy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Profiling Dimples

I'm blogging about Dimples today at The Goddesses. Karen Hawkins gives me a great intro, i.e. "warm, funny." Little does she know :)

My stories are pretty intense, so blogging about in the humor vein releases the evil in me. Please stop by and comment on dimples, who has them, who has the right to dimple-up, and a short saga about The Ex.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Great Review

Gotta love 'em. I'm updating my website and including FOR HER EYES ONLY great reviews. issues a blue ribbon banner for their 5 stars and I've posted that at Leona's page. The tag line reads:

FOR HER EYES ONLY is alive with rich and real-life like characters. I could picture something like this actually happening today. I like how Ms. London presents her conclusion story. It certainly aroused my curiosity about the other sisters to the point where I hope to find her other books. I went through many emotions while reading this book much like a roller coaster with its highs and lows. Ms. London will become a repeat offender in my reading repertoire. I will definitely look forward to other books by this author.
Thank you, Robin the reviewer :)

The full review is at their website.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Roark Langtry, Future Character, Dead or Not?

IT HAPPENED AT MIDNIGHT and LEAVING LONELY TOWN are paired books about the contemporary WY family, Langtry. Readers often write and ask if there will be follow-up books on certain characters, and Bobbie asked if Roark Langtry would get his own book.

Unless my publisher calls for more Langtry books, Roark is chasing Eden in LEAVING LONELY TOWN.

The storyline in both books is based on Civil War veteran Zachariah Langtry, who flees the South at the end of the war. He takes with him all the wealth his plantation family has mustered, in hopes of raising more funds to returning and overturning the North's grip.

Now, Zachariah arrives in the West and finds a problem. To save a Sioux princess from hanging, he spends the money. His journal entries run parallel to the contemporary lives of Michaela Langtry and Harrison in IT HAPPENED AT MIDNIGHT. Cleopatra Langtry's journal runs parallel to the lives of Culley Blackwolf and descendant Sable Barclay.

Both journals mention the same incidents, from different points of view.

But until events change, Roark Langtry remains with Eden. You never know :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Just a peek at the cutest Russian hardback (red) for IT HAPPENED AT MIDNIGHT. Love how my name is spelled.

And Germany does a fantastic job of covers and printing of the same book. It's one of the 2 Langtry books, an experiment for me. A contemporary story set in WY, but has its roots in a historical romance, utilizing the journals of hero and heroine in each book. In writer's terms, 2 points of view, POV. Loved doing it.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Servant L.L. Foster

Servant: The Acceptance by L.L. Foster is a really good read.

Lori Foster, w/a L.L. Foster's first Servant book was a real hit with me, very fresh and exciting. Gabrielle Cody, the heroine, has not disappointed in the second book. Luther, her cop and would-be lover, if ever, is just as exciting.

I look forward to more of the series.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot Spots

You probably think that I'm going to talk about popular nightclubs, don't you? Well, guess again.

FOR HER EYES ONLY is an October 2008 release, and September is the hot spot for promotion. This means I'm scheduled to blog and write articles and generally make myself a pest for about 2 months, wherever I can, including Facebook.

So far I'm doing these blogs and my own 3, of course: An interview at Ashley Ladd's, Slice of Orange (the third of every month), Riding with the Top Down, and Love is an Exploding Cigar.

I'll be signing copies of my psychic triplet trilogy, and thankfully all the incoming reviews are super. SUPER.

Each story is very different, because each sister is unusual. Claire, quiet, contemplative, reclusive; Tempest, a tomboy, a sculptor, a physical act-before-thinking person; Leona, the oldest and recognized as potentially the strongest of the psychic family (FOR HER EYES ONLY).

Readers have already asked me to write about Greer, the triplets' mother, but there are no plans for her story as yet.

I am so pleased by this new adventure and have enjoyed the journey.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Midnight Hour

I've just read a super post at The Midnight Hour, focus paranormal.

I've guest blogged at The Midnight Hour, but revisit those astute writers for their great insights. Lilith Saintcrow writes a super post for anyone who keeps revising. Do try to read its entirety, but here's a Perfect snippet I borrowed:

...get the whole corpse on the operating table before you cut it up.

Really good tips all the way through. Please read this post at The Midnight Hour.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Review Just In

Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews has just reviewed October's FOR HER EYES ONLY. This is the conclusion of the triplets' story arc. Here's what she has to say...

***** I hated seeing this trilogy come to an end. After reading the story of each triplet, I feel as if they are close family friends. On the plus side, this means the author, Cait London, can begin a new trilogy to charm me all over again. I can hardly wait!
I loved every minute I spent reading it! Now come on Cait London, charm me up some new friends to read about. *****

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time for the Fair


While some of my ilk are at Romance Writers of America national conference in San Francisco, I'm home.

This is fair week in Springfield, MO, and I'm visiting with these guys. I love draft horses and their history, dating back to knights. Writing as Cait Logan in western historicals, I researched them heavily for the Oregon Trail and Montana. It's very hot here in Midwest MO, but I made a special trip to the fair, just to see them. BTW, a tall lemonade with lots of ice and lemon halves, plus a corn dog now costs $9.

As for the rest of the weekend, I'm staying in the AC and writing.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summertime is Busy

It's a gorgeous morning here in Missouri's Ozarks and I'm letting every bit of that fresh, cool air into my office.

I work better, faster, in cool temperatures, especially in the mornings. Catching up, keeping up with career and life keeps one busy.

Since I manage my own website, graphics, newsletter, mailings and databases, plus 3 blogs now, it's usually busy. If you're interested in my other lives, check out my blogs, Jar and Cup. I've just started Facebook, which is fun. And then I'm promoting FOR HER EYES ONLY, the conclusion of my psychic triplet trilogy.

The trilogy was unusual for a writer. Usually trilogies are built as "standalones." These triplets, Claire, Tempest, and Leona, have a "story arc," which means the conclusion is in the last book, tension rising from the first, heightened by the second.

A trilogy with a story arc is a gamble. A big one, and one I'm glad I took the challenge. Boy, was it a challenge keeping all the threads straight. I write layered books, probably not for everyone, especially those who love simplistic stories. Not that there's anything wrong with that sort, but I just prefer meatier reading, and therefore writing subplots. Ah, subplots, the love of my life. Well, not really. :)

I did enjoy all of the three stories, and when Owen Shaw entered Leona's life everything got just that more exciting, because he is a very, very unusual man. I love the background of the triplets, descended from a Celtic seer and a Viking chieftain, and Owen's. Well, Owen's is a surprise.

However, now, after researching handbags, Celtic and Viking lore, psychic ability, and the "wallpaper" of Montana, Michigan and Lexington, KY, it's time to build future stories. Yes, they are built, or mine are, from the basement. With other families that have multiple books, some called "mini-series," I'm considering adding stories to them that have been on the back burner and include characters who have been requested by readers.

BTW, watch for some gorgeous photos here and at my other blogs. The fuschia lily on my front porch has gifted me. :)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Grammar Girl - Recommended

I'm so impressed with Grammar Girl's Podcast, which has already taken multiple awards, that I'm recommended her upcoming July 8 grammar book.

I love podcasts on my iPod, and playing them in my car while traveling. Since budget demands have cut down my pleasure driving, I'm getting a iPod player that recharges and I can listen at home when I want.

I'm very enthused about several podcasts, so far as writing goes, The Writing Show and Writers on Writing, both of which have wonderful material, including interviews with all sorts of writers, agents, etc.

What am I listening to now? is a usual post. To date, everyone else's has been music. Mine are podcasts :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's Newest

It seems I like bags, and lots of different compartments in them. I also like blogging and have added 2 new ones.

Each blog is for a separate facet of moi. This one features my writing. The Second Cup relates more to the things that touch a woman's every day life, including business and work. My Jam Jar is more for the health and home side of me. It has a cute little flower widget that takes you to a quiz to see what kind of flower you are--I'm a sunflower :)

I've also added Facebook to my circle, but I'm not certain how to get that up and running in everyone's face just yet. :)

But back to bags... I simply love them, all sorts, tho I have favorites. Leona's boutique in Lexington, KY, (FOR HER EYES ONLY)was the perfect time to play with designing (at least in my story) creative handbags.

October's FOR HER EYES ONLY is the conclusion of the psychic triplets' trilogy, the story arc ending with her, as she faces an eerie danger to her family and herself. You'll see a lot of her in the coming months. I did research fabrics and the names of bag-shapes to Claire's story in AT THE EDGE up and running. She's the actual designer and handcrafter.

I've enjoyed the journey with these triplets and I'm still enjoying their company

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Conclusion

While FOR HER EYES ONLY is the conclusion of the Psychic Triplet Trilogy, Leona's story, the rain here today never seemed to conclude.

In less than 12 hours, the Missouri Ozarks rainfall was approx 7 inches. The creeks are flooded, the rivers wide and muddy and washouts everywhere. People have been evacuated, and a small bridge collapsed. We are now close to the entire year's rainfall levels.

Lightning and thunder started around 3a. and returned for several bouts,the rain a gray curtain. High winds punctuated the storm.

I had big plans for today, all of which included an early a.m. walk along the river, then a hard day at the computer, which was impossible due to the storms.

The whole area seems to be a washout zone now, the ditches filled with running water. We have mosquitoes, plenty of them, and they love me.

It was an odd day, and I sorted paperwork, etc., but there were many families who will be sleeping in new beds tonight--until they can return to their own.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Service to Readers and Authors

I recently attended Lori Foster and Diane Casteel's Reader/Author Event in Westchester, OH, and met Barbara Vey, courtesy of her PW blog.

Here's a reader, not an author, who PW tapped to write a column about author news and books, etc. Barbara Vey not only writes about author news and their books, but she's rapidly becoming a figure in publishing. She is invited to different conferences, i.e. Romance Writers of America in San Fran this year, Thrillerfest in NYC, something I'd love to attend, and other events.

Barbara easily circulates with writers and readers and is an on-the-go woman. If you visit her PW column, you'll see she goes that extra mile and has a lot to say about everything, including when she had a tire blow out on the highway.

Please do visit her column at Publishers Weekly. Especially today, Monday, when she collects various news tidbits from authors. I'm in the pack, rather A STRANGER'S TOUCH, the second in my psychic triplet trilogy is :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

LL Foster's Servant The Awakening

I've thoroughly enjoyed Gaby in the first Servant by L.L. Foster.

I lean toward Lori Foster's grittier style and enjoyed the influence of graphic comic books through the story. Gaby's conflict, her mission, and her surprising romantic adventure are not diminished by the grotesque underlaying drama. If this is what graphic comic are about, I'd love that darker side. Another installment of Servant is due out in August, and this one new is selling for $1.60 at Amazon and on Kindle, which is quite the little PR package to start a new series.

My own Silence the Whispers and Flashback and others had a tinge of eerie, keeping in line with Avon's contemporary romance format, but as a writer, I'd love to step over the line into something like this.

Recommended reading for those who like to step off the edge a bit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lori Foster and Dianne Casteel's Reader Event

This last weekend was the most fun I've had at a writer "do" for a long time, thanks to the hard work of Lori Foster and Diane Casteel and all the rest.

This is their 4th year and the contributed baskets are raffled for various charities. These baskets lined the Marriott's dining room in Westchester, OH (located between Cincinatti, OH and Dayton).

Approximately 300 writers, readers, agents, publishers, etc. attended, plus some readers who came in for the booksigning. I loved meeting new people and talking with long term friends like Linda Mc and Vickie M. In retrospect, I do not believe I heard one complaint, and there were plenty of smiling winners at the event, which was not structured like a regular conference.

Lori and Diane labored, and I mean labored over this masterpiece in which many authors sent promos and baskets. Major baskets. One friend won 5 fully stuffed baskets. I was slightly jealous. I took a couple of filled Branson, MO tourist totes and the same person won both! The charities were for a women's shelter, animal centers, service men, and others. Next year, Lori and Diane will sponsor others, and their anthology sales go toward charities, too.

This fantastic reader/author event only cost $35, which is unbelievable when some conferences with a lot less offerings are charging $100 on up, attendance fees. You can read more about it at Lifetime's Michelle Buonfoglio's blog and others. Berkley Editor Cindy Hwang and Spencerhill agent Jennifer Schober and agent Laura Bradford also gave chats and listened to pitches. So some business was done, very cheaply, too.

With all due credit to anyone putting on a conference and their staff, I highly recommend that more of these lower cost events be planned to allow more interaction between authors and their readers, plus the pitches to editors and agents.

Lori and Diane and their crew could certainly teach us some lessons on providing a good entertaining fun, but also business event. I hear that Portland just had one and attendees also loved it.

I met so many of my own readers that I was absolutely thrilled. I also met some Book Junkies from whom I'd just received a recommended read for April's A STRANGER'S TOUCH, also Barbara Vey, who writes a blog for PW.

Here's hoping for more of the same, and thank you Diane and Lori.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Stranger's Touch

A STRANGER'S TOUCH, book 2 of the Psychic Triplets Trilogy has just received the Romance Junkie's Recommended Read for April award.

I don't think one of my books has ever placed on their exalted list, and that recommends a lot of "Junkies". :) This is a large group with reviewers aplenty, so I am truly honored. Well, Tempest and A STRANGER'S TOUCH is honored, too.

The blurb for FOR HER EYES ONLY is up, if you want to check it out. This is the final installment of the Aisling family, descended from that ancient Celtic seer and her Viking captor.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making Jam

In FOR HER EYES ONLY, Leona makes jam, the same as I am doing right now.

It's strawberry season, and I've made 2 batches so far, and will make more if time. I'm considering a new blog, apart from that will expose my other life, filled with tips, products, whatever that touch our lives.

But right now, I'm gearing up for the last book of the psychic triplet trilogy, and just received my first batch of ad covers in that sweet purple cover. My first purple cover ever!

It's a perfect match to A STRANGER'S TOUCH, which is to the blue tones. I've really enjoyed writing the trilogy, and hope you enjoy it, too.

BTW, you bloggers. I happen to love blogging and if you're needing a guest, I'm lining up for October, the release of FOR HER EYES ONLY.

More on my new expose blog later....Stay tuned.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Triplets Discuss Self-Tanning

The Aisling-Bartel triplets have inherited very fine, fair skin, and summer tanning, or protection from the sun is their conference-call topic today.

Claire: I don't go out very often in the sun, but I've just got to do something for a little face-color. I wear a hat if gardening in my backyard, but sometimes, I just feel like I don't want to look like a ghost.

Tempest: Come on...between that big sun hat and those huge glasses and sunscreen, you don't have to worry about sun. Let alone walking at night.

Claire: I garden and work outside when the sun isn't at its peak, so I do see the light of day, Tempest.

Leona: I have to have some color, or my customers at Timeless Vintage would think I'm a ghoul. I self-tan.

Claire: Sounds reasonable.

Tempest: You, two. A little sun with sunscreen won't hurt you.

Leona: Uh-huh, that's why I saw those self-tanning streaks on you last year. You have to be very careful with that. There's nothing like wearing orange streaks on your legs and it coming off on your bath towels. If you do that, get a good brand, maybe a spray.

Tempest: Okay, I admit it. I self-tan. I like the towelettes now. They come in foil packages which are great for travel. Yep, just exfoliate and wipe, that's the easiest.

Leona: Claire, I use a bronzer on my face...just brush on and go.

Claire: I hate to shop for cosmetics. I'd probably by the wrong shade, if doing it myself. But a bronzer does sound easier.

Tempest: I like those rough gloves for exfoliating, the body, I mean. (looking at her legs) I've just got to get a decent pedicure to start off the summer. I can handle it the rest of the season, but to start, I like a professional job, the hot wax, etc. Ah, there's nothing like a great spa.

Leona: While you're there, get your tan sprayed on, Tempest.

Claire: I'd love a spa day. I'd be afraid of too much--

Leona: Right. The attendants would have to be specially chosen, so you couldn't catch all their psychic-fluff. Mm. I'll make a note of that, to search out a spa for my little sis.

Claire: I'm only 6 minutes younger than you, Leona. But I would appreciate any recommendations.

Tempest: Get a man with great hands. I feel like a wet noodle when they massage me. Men's hands are just bigger and knead better. Though the last one did get a little fresh.

Leona: You probably liked it :) Back to the pedicure....

Tempest: (smiling and teasing) Because your lovelife sucks, right? We wouldn't want to get you all hot and bothered, talking about men's hands. :)

Leona: Hey. If I wanted one.... (snaps fingers)

Tempest: Okay, okay. Just teasing. Why don't we treat Mom to a spa day? Her birthday is coming up.

Claire: Good idea. Count me in.

Leona: I'll work on it. Try those towelette things, Claire. Tempest is right. They are great. You can barely see her freckles now. :).... Mom just picked up.

Greer: You caught me. I thought I felt myself being discussed.

Tempest: Actually, we were discussing your lovelife. Rather lack of one.

Greer: Let's not go there, Tempest. Okay, why did the back of my neck tingle, like I'm on your discussion menu? (voice sharpens) Are one of you hurt? Do you need me?

Leona: We're all fine, just discussion self-tanning and pedicures.

Greer: Oh, I see. Summer emergencies, right? I've self-tanned for years, or used a bronzer when necessary. I have to leave now. I'm set for a day at the spa and a much-needed pedicure. George is a wonderful masseuse, great hands...takes all the tension right out of me.


Claire/Tempest/Leona: Have to go. Bye.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring Summer Delays

Like most writers, I'm preparing for the summer with family, writing, deadlines, and traveling. I'm also very busy with my yard and home, which I have in common with Claire and Leona, AT THE EDGE and FOR HER EYES ONLY respectively.

Tempest, a "rolling stone" is far too busy and on the move to tend a yard, much less a garden. So today, Claire and Leona are on my discussion menu. Let's listen in to their phone call....

Claire: We've had snow and delays, but I just can't wait for the scents of my roses and for my herb garden. How's your patio plans coming along, Leona?

Leona: Backbreaking, that's how. Here in Lexington, KY we're all into the Preakness and parties and I had hoped to have a special event at my shop. Tempest designed some great charms for bracelets. They're a numbered selection, but not one of a kind. I'd wanted to feature them in an Event close to the Preakness. But my backyard is all torn up right now, bricks stacked everywhere.

Claire: Tempest sent me the charms. I thought I might work something into my handbag designs. She's designing some for purse pulls, too. The motifs should sell well for you.

Leona: Yes, they will. On the matter of herbs, I did go out and get some sweet basil. I love to snip it into pasta salads. My chive pot is blooming, so I've got to use some of that pretty soon. I just wish I had more time.

Claire: Mom had a great herb garden. Remember all those fresh scents mixed with the salt air on the coast. I really miss that sometimes.

Leona: And the roses. The size of plates. And the fish markets. Are you still walking at night?

Claire: I am. I love the night sounds, the deer rustling in the underbrush. We have wild roses here, you know. There's really nothing like a clear Big Sky country night.

Leona: I loved it there with you. Too bad we can't stay closer together, but then that old psychic thing, you know.

Claire: We could with Mom or Tempest around. They settle us. I'm too receptive to anything and you're getting very strong.... Okay, you're too quiet and that means you know that you're feeling something and you're scared. I am, too.

Leona: We'll get through this, Claire. We've gotten through everything before....

Friday, May 02, 2008

Midwest Storms

It started with a low rumble. With thunderstorm season upon the Midwest, I instantly was on my feet, disconnecting my computers.

That was at 5:30 this morning, 5/2/08. Minutes later the storm hit in fury. 70 miles an hour winds, one huge pop and the electricity was out.
With a flashlight in hand, I grabbed my purse, which held my cell phone. Misouri's tornado season started in January, the usual in mid-March. Those high winds could mean a tornado. We'd already seen devastation and floods and other tornados, but still, here came another round.
I have a packed emergency basket for tornadoes, which includes batteries, water, candles, whatever, and I grabbed that, keeping it close.
With high winds, lighted candles can be dangerous--if it is actually a tornado. So I sat in the dark, waiting for the time to grab my basket and head for the basement.. Cell phone calls began coming in from family. Was I all right?
Sure. Let's not talk, I'm low on battery. Call you later....
The storm gradually eased to a few pops and rumbles. Now my subsidivion is too quiet, electric garage doors firmly closed, waiting for "juice" to open them. Nothing would taste better than fresh brewed coffee, but lukewarm served. I thought briefly about manually opening my garage door, and driving for fresh. But another pop of very close lightning killed that idea. T-storms can be deceptive beasts, easing away and then leaping back with a fury.
Gradually, the storm did move on. The efficient news-team reports on my battery radio ran to scattered damage, roads closed, whole regions out of electricity, people slowly returning to work, just a little late.
Still without electricity, I heated a cup of coffee on my aromatherapy burner, not the best tasting brew, but fine under the circumstances. A few candles are burning now in the twlight and soon they won't be needed.
As I stood on my front porch, I could see the electric crews working through different transformers, checking to see which was the right one. In emergencies, these guys are heroes, working in adverse and dangerous conditions, out there doing their jobs.
According to the radio, limbs are blocking the roads and some workers will be late. One school, the buses already in route, has cancelled, the children to be returned home.
When you're a working mother with school age children, this is something you don't want--young children returned to home base, when you are needed at your paying job.
Personaly, I think a working mother, be it a single mother or not, is one of the most stressful jobs.
With Mother's Day almost here, I raise my coffee cup to you, working mothers....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

These are Missouri redbuds, fresh from all the rains. The whole blooms are famous--Dogwoods. The Ozark hills are turning green now, the pretty new lime green and these colors really stand out. Wild plums have already bloomed. The redbuds are especially pretty, a whole tree of hot pink blooms.
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Interview with Triplet Claire

Claire of AT THE EDGE, Cait London's psychic triplet trilogy dropped in to say "hi" today. She's agreed to post here at Daily or Not. Introducing Claire...

Q: So, Claire. What have you been doing lately?
A: I've been all tied up in my fall collection of handbags. Leona is pushing me to see them first. She's going to have to wait until the whole collection is ready to ship. Just a little sisterly torment that I'm really enjoying. Of course, I drop a few hints to her now and then, just to keep her on her toes.

Q: Leona's story, FOR HER EYES ONLY, comes out this fall, October, right? Tempest's is out right now, A STRANGER'S TOUCH. I've been following her story and what's happening in her life. She's getting really great reviews.
A: Yes, she is. She's also working on a new design especially for Leona's Timeless Vintage boutique in Lexington, KY.

Q: Do you think Tempest and Leona might drop in and say a few words, too?
A: I think they'd like that.

Q: I'm dying to know more about your fall collection, but could you say a few words about what's in Timeless Vintage now?
A: Well, you know that while I do some custom designs, Leona's shop is really is the only outlet that I ship to regularly. It's worked out well, having a sister in the new-vintage look business. The fall collection has more evening clutches now, a little glitz for the holiday parties. I also designed some practical totes for those who work during the day and want a snazzy place to keep their laptops. Red is popular right now and 'Go-4-It' may really be a hit, a one of a kind. Whoever buys that will also get a small cosmetic case and coin case to match. There's also a little ring to attach keys so they won't be lost. I designed several bags for the working woman, but some smaller versions for dress and evening. 'Zipper' has lots of zipped pockets, 'Button Me' lots of buttons, but with magnetic closures to make it easy. I did the cutest diaper bag with a spotted pony motif for one of Leona's favorite customers, and one for a customer whose daughter is placing in dressage. It takes months to put a collection together, and it's very difficult to keep my creative juices focused on the project at large. I have a sketch book filled with ideas. There's nothing like an appreciative little note from someone who loves their 'Claire's Bags'.

Q: Ah. Keeping it all in the family, right?
A: Family, that's what it's all about. You asked about my designs. They're all my work, from start to finish. I usually pick a theme, like my Matador bag, or more glitzy like Date Night. 'Claire's Bags' are all my own work from start to finish. Totes, hobos, clutches, they're all my designs.

Q: I hope I'm not asking for any well-kept secrets, but how do you get your ideas? The themes you use to create your bags?
A: (Smiles) As an empath, I have to be careful--more guarded when around people, and that's why I live rurally in Montana ... but generally, I take in what's happening around me, or how I feel. It's much like Cait London does when she gets a story idea and builds it into a book. You'd know about that, wouldn't you, Cait?

Q: I do try. :) But wait, this is about you, right? So, you have your own studio, and create your work there and then ship 'Claire's Bags' to Leona in Lexington. I can't wait to have Tempest drop in and see what she's working on.
A: As a sculptor, she can be creating anything. She created the twin Rottweilers outside my house, you know. She thought I needed the protection, since I live far down an isolated country road. She's always been so protective and so has Leona. You haven't lived until you're the youngest of 2 older sisters, but I love them.

Q: I saw those. Really scary and lifelike. She creates very unique pieces for your family, doesn't she?
A: I love her work. She does a lot of Celtic designs for us, that hummingbird in my kitchen window and then she came up with some unique doorknobs. Beautiful work. Leona won't wear the usual stuff, but she will wear the family brooch and that makes us all feel more connected and protected. Since Tempest's gift is in her hands--she can tell the history of an object, just by holding it. But she can also tell somethingof the people who held it, and that isn't always good, especially if they have illnesses, or are ... well, less than desirable people.

Q: I'll ask her about her special designs when she visits. I've heard that she wears gloves to protect her 'psychic' hands.
A: She has to and has quite the glove collection. You should see the gorgeous long evening gloves she uses, especially for her showings. She's a mover, constantly on the run. But she has a special affinity for you and I'm certain she'll take time to drop in and chat.

Q: Thank you. I love her, too. Could you tell a little about how it feels to be one of triplets, especially psychic triplets?
A: Mm. Where to know that we would really prefer to be normal women, leading normal lives, but we can't--because of our ... gifts, right? Psychic connections aren't easy to understand, and then we're connected by birth, too, a double-connect, rather triple-connect. Our mother is a world famous psychic, Greer Aisling. You've heard of her? She sometimes works with finding lost children, or helps with disappearances. She can help with a murder scene--oh, I could never do that--but she can only tell what happens up to the point of death. Thank goodness none of us are mediums for the dead. But living together, anywhere in near proximity is a real problem as we are so well connected.

Q: I can only imagine. It would be like having another voice or emotion within your own. That could make for a lack of privacy, doesn't it?
A: You've got that right. I live in Montana, Tempest is all over the place, and Leona is in Kentucky. We can get together for short times and that works, especially if we have a 'leveler' like Mom or Tempest, too sometimes, because she can move between us more easily.

Q: Your abilities--gifts, or curses as your sisters sometimes call them--were inherited from your mother?
A: It happens that way, passing through the generations. Our particular strain comes down from Aisling, a Celtic Seer.

Q: How interesting. And that is why Tempest's designs for your family have Celtic influence?
A: Yes. Mother took Aisling as her professional name some time ago--to protect us. We were already gathering attention from the media and she didn't want to expose us to spotlight-seekers. But Aisling has influenced all of our lives. Each one of us has one of her gifts. Leona may have more. But Tempest leans toward our Viking inheritance--you know that Aisling was captured by raiding Vikings, rather one chieftain.... I really must go, but I'd love to come back.

Q: Please do. Thank you for dropping in. What a delight you are.
A: Thanks for inviting me. See you next time...bye.
Oh, just a tip. Try to remember when you talk to my sisters, and maybe our mother, that we're all very different. Sometimes people think that triplets are all like one person. But Tempest and Leona are very different from me. In some ways :)

Cait: I'll keep that in mind.:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today, I took quite a long drive, leaving in the early morning. The air was crisp and cool, the sunshine bright and all that new spring green was gorgeous...

The drive took me down into Arkansas rolling hills, much of the highway on curving ridges. The scope of the green fields, up and down the hills was absolutely breathtaking.

Breakfast at a small country cafe was just perfect before starting the drive back again. I almost wanted to stay outside and putter in my yard, which really needs it now. But instead I came into work and to blog throughout the day at

I enjoy blogging. I enjoy driving. I enjoy working outside. Such choices. :) But then, I'm enjoying my birthday month quite royally.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogging on Toes or Self-Talk

First of all, I've been promoting my psychic triplets, and have little time to answer all the great Happy Birthday wishes coming my way. I think you now, all you thoughtful people, and especially you Aries girls :)

Mark your calendars! I'm blogging this week at Riding with the Top Down, April 16. I'm also blogging on the same date at A Slice of Orange, about Things I Wish I'd Known. I hope you can come to both. Right now, I am looking writing for Top. I'm running through a list of selections, maybe you can help me decide...

Yesterday, I had a little drive to attend a writers meeting, and then go on to my book signing for A STRANGER'S TOUCH. I like to listen to podcasts while I am traveling in the distance at all. There are a number of great podcasts on writing and promotion, and the ideas were flowing. One podcast was on Self-Talk, or coaching yourself through a difficult situation. I liked this topic, done in an interview with a shy writer, who is having to get out and promote her books. Very interesting topic, since many writers are reclusive and find going public very difficult. When we write, we're in our little nest. Then suddenly to promote our books, we' re amid all different kinds of situations. Self-Talk is a very interesting topic to me, since I do it all the time. I use a lot of affirmations, including the visual of The Little Train That Could, choo-chooing up that hill.

Mm. Maybe I'd better not continue with this dialogue, because I might want to write it. On the other hand there is the intrigue Inc. subject of Toes. I've been working on Toes idea for quite some time, and don't know how I'm going to bundle it. A blog may be just the place to start.

I was talking to Wilson about toes the other day. Remember Wilson? The pumpkin who is sitting in my bread bowl right now, watching television? To do Toes, I'll need to do some graphic work, and that takes time. So it's a toss up whether I am going to write about Self-Talk or Toes. What do you think?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sneak Peek COVER

FOR HER EYES ONLY is an October 2008 release, and the final in the psychic triplet trilogy.
In FOR HER EYES ONLY, Leona and Owen, are tangled in a dangerous web with someone who intends to kill her. Leona, suspected to be the strongest of the psychic triplets, doesn't want her gift and considers it a curse. However to save her family, she may have to "open" herself! This has been quite the journey, with all three sisters and hopefully all the readers will enjoy it. I'd love to hear from you.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Ode to Booksellers Denise and Harriet

In this business you can't go anywhere without great booksellers. My editor has just notified me that I've FINALLY made the NYTs bestselling list in Mass Market, extended,with A STRANGER'S TOUCH. The 2nd of this trilogy also placed on Borders bestselling MM Paperback. But a writer needs help, and at the top of the list is a good bookseller. I know quite a few. This is where Denise and Harriet come in...

Foremost is: Harriet at Joplin's great Books-A-Million is a favorite and knows how to work her customers. While signing books there again with A STRANGER'S TOUCH, I noticed how many of her customers stopped to chat with her. Ah. A friendly, knowledgeable bookseller. Yes, Harriet is also a reader. I'll be signing there with October's FOR HER EYES ONLY, the last of the trilogy story arc.
It's a great store, too.

Then Denise at Borders in Springfield, MO saved my bacon, as the saying goes. I'd hunted all over for just the right research book for Claire's story, AT THE EDGE. I couldn't find one and stopped into check Borders. Denise found the perfect research book, Bags with Style. I loved that book and found the creation of designer bags very interesting.

For Tempest's A STRANGER'S TOUCH just out now I researched Runes, marina storage sheds, large boating craft/motors/storage bays/lift systems, and an Albuquerque friend clued me in on the desert scenes where Tempest's story starts. For the actual setting, I'd already researched Lake Michigan for previous books.

While I'm flying along on my bestseller list cloud, I'm pretty thankful for people like the above--and many others, like Kathy of new-and-used Half-Price Books in Springfield, MO, who often helps me with different projects.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Out Today, 3/25 and I'm on this blogging tour, talking Marcus and Tempest's story. If you're a writer, you'll find lots of tips stashed into this tour. If you're a reader, well, I hope you enjoy the ride. :)

My next stop is at Fresh Fiction 3/26 and then NovelTalk for a chat in the evening. Hope to see you there. It's usually a lot of fun, and this time, I'm sending autographed postcards to those who attend.

Here's a blurb for A STRANGER'S TOUCH:
A STRANGER'S TOUCH, Avon RS with a psychic touch, the second of a trilogy. ISBN 978-006114051-8 April 2008

Descended from a Celtic seer and a Viking chieftain, each contemporary triplet faces her uncanny, unwanted gift and danger, each with one special man. First came Claire, the empath, in AT THE EDGE. Now meet Tempest in A STRANGER'S TOUCH.

With one touch, Tempest Storm, the middle-born of the Aisling Psychic Triplets, can tell the history of any object, including everything about the person who held it. She wears gloves to protect her sensitive hands, and Marcus, the one man she can't forget wants her gloves off as they team up to open a cold-case murder.

A BARGAIN MADE: She's on the run from her haunted past and the man she can't forget. Marcus has the ancient relic she's been desperately hunting and he's not feeling sweet about Tempest leaving his bed after a one-night tryst. She'll do anything to save her family and unlock the dangerous secrets of the past. But when Tempest's psychic hands begin to unravel that cold-case, a killer wants her dead....
Tempest and Marcus's story is the second in the trilogy. For more, visit the Psychic Triplets. Anc checkout the excerpts.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missouri Rains, Wilson and My Blogging


Here's my blogging schedule. I hope you can come:

3/22 Poes Deadly Daughters
3/26 Fresh Fiction's Blog
3/27 Love is an Exploding Cigar
4/16 Riding with the Top Down
4/16 A Slice of Orange (OCCRWA's blog)

3/26 NovelTalk

I promised a picture of Wilson. Not Tom Hank's Wilson, but the pumpkin that traveled to Kentucky with me in my bread bowl. He's on my couch now and I've grown fond of him. The daffodils are Before and After rain, a sad, sad story here with lots of flooding.

I intended to get out and take some photos of the creeks, but haven't. I was offline most of the day, due to T-storms, my yard is like a swamp, but things are okay. My heart is with some folks who had to seek shelter and lost homes throughout the Midwest. Today is still soggy and overcast, and I've got to go dig a small trench to siphon off a little backyard "pond."

Other than that, I'm doing a lot of promos and at Love is an Exploding Cigar, listed on my schedule, you can learn more about Wilson's travels.
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Friday, March 07, 2008

Individual, Unique Storylines

Throughout my career, I've worked very hard to create unique stories. In the Aislings Psychic Triplet Trilogy, each triplet has a unique personality and very individual life experiences. With A STRANGER'S TOUCH appearing on the stands soon, I'm reliving all the research invested into the trilogy to make it very unique, basic plot and romance, the suspense, and the threads running through all three books.

However, there are writers who do quite well with alternatives on one basic storyline.

I "build" or create my storylines from the basement, which gives more texture. The triplets' experiences in childhood are different, because each has a special psychic gift, and a relationship to the other two sisters.

Family relationships play a huge part in constructing a familial storyline, the birth order mixed in there somewhere. Claire, the last born, was the perfect place to start. Why? Because she is the most gentle, the one who can be endangered more easily, who will rally the others when she is affected. I wanted to work up to Leona, in FOR HER EYES ONLY, an 10/08 book, because she is the most fierce. Tempest, in A STRANGER'S TOUCH, has a very different gift from Claire or Leona, because she has some freedom to move about society easily--if gloves cover her psychic hands. Tempest also has the ability to move between the other psychics more easily.

Because their familial and psychic ties are so strong, the triplets and their mother, must live apart. Otherwise, they'll be into each other's lives, and loves. Imagine standing on that beach with a lover as Tempest does with Marcus. Now imagine your mother and sisters communicating through the universal psychic portal of water. Now that gets interesting, doesn't it?

Each setting was chosen carefully for that special triplet. Claire in isolated Montana, Tempest in A STRANGER'S TOUCH is set on the shores of Lake Michigan, and then Leona's story is set in Lexington, KY.

The threads moving through the trilogy also cause the story settings.

The triplets' personalities are built on my own experienced relationships with mother, sister, and family. Tempest also reminds me very much of one daughter, my model for her personality, with a few minor adjustments.

I also used my own interests throughout each story. So a lot of Me is contained within my stories. One interest is Runes, and that is a photo of my own set. The Celtic design is one of my earrings.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

April and October

Promotion for A STRANGER'S TOUCH is now going pretty well, if sporatic. I love this cover and the new cover for FOR HER EYES ONLY has just come thru.

It's shades of purple. I've never had a purple cover, so am looking forward to the experience.

A STRANGER'S TOUCH's bookmarks just came in and I've sent out a number of postcards to readers, but actually haven't done my usual.

I've very glad to have had the experience of this trilogy, a new one at Avon, though the Langtrees were connected books. At Desire, I've had several series, including the Tallchiefs and I enjoyed those.

I'm having a good time with it all and can't wait until Tempest and Marcus's stories hit the stands. Talk about opposites!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I baked cookies for those living away, the red boxes filled with gingerbread men. By the time I was finished baking the whole recipe, I was dreaming gingerbread men. They are only 2 inches high. The oatmeal cookies are for the adults.

My heart-shaped cookie cutter has vamoosed somewhere. We have a lot of kitchen/gourmet stores in town and I hunted thoroughly without results. One clerk said she didn't think people baked cutter cookies any more. If they don't, why is every shape known to man dripping from the shelves, including airplanes, bunnies, etc.?

The search became a real hunt, which included a glass top for my antique Revereware perking pot. No one had them. EXCEPT, the best store ever that has everything. Called Dick's 5 and Dime and located in downtown Branson, this old fashioned dimestore drips everything you've ever wanted, or could want. There, to be sure were several different styles of heart-shaped cookie cutters, and my perculator top.

I wait for Valentine's Day all year long and shop for little items that might apply.

Also gone, to my sadness, are those huge paper books with cutout Valentine's and glue-together envelopes. They were so much fun.

I'd baked gingerbread men, the larger version at Christmas, but these little guys were all over my kitchen. That last batch was really difficult to follow through :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Eye Saver for Writers

If I could turn back time.... Sound familiar? There are so many time helpers for today's writers, including the Internet, where you can learn all about writing--right from your home desk. I tell this story a lot, but then I lived through a really difficult time while trying to learn my craft. It seems like so much is available now, that ye olde school of hard knocks, doesn't seem possible. But it was--

Today's writers have much, much more available to them, just for the time spent/invested. It really is an investment: "You get out, what you put in" is really true.

Two hours a day is the general recommendation for learning a skill. And "Put Butt in Chair" is a real basic. If you're a writer, these two rules are prime: 1. It's an investment; you get out of writing, what you put in, and 2. Put Butt in Chair. If you're looking for the secret in getting published, those 2 rules are the not-so-secrets necessaries.

While traveling those 15 minutes to my day job, I used a recorder to make notes. That cassette recorder was 20 years old when it died last year. I wore something with pockets for the Magnificent Idea Notes. When I did get to work, when I had parked, I'd sometimes make notes, go over notes during lunch break and other breaks. I'm writing full-time now, and maybe working harder at my craft than I did when I was unpublished.

But when you're short on learning or review of the basics time, turn to podcasts :) Truly, while you're driving down the road, you can listen to the best stuff on writing, tips and interviews, grammar and style. Popular authors like Dean Koontz have their own podcasts. Writers on Writing is terrific with interviews. MP3 players make a terrific difference, if used as learning tools.

I've just finished a long, hard run and more eye-useage to go on adds, PR articles, etc., and am frankly enjoying an eye-break by listening to writer info and audiobooks on my MP3 player.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Manuscript Goes into the Mail

Here we go in a Midwest blizzard, with Valentine's Day coming up! I've just updated my website with more on the Aisling Psychic Triplets, including an excerpt of A STRANGER'S TOUCH, the second of the trilogy. And I've just put another book in the mail, FOR HER EYES ONLY, pub date 10/08, which is the third triplet, Leona. (Remember? Claire was the first in AT THE EDGE.

This was my first trilogy at Avon and my first, well second psychic stuff--one was a Silhouette Desire with a telepathic dog, also set in Montana, like AT THE EDGE. Montana is great; I also set a historical there, THE WEDDING GAMBLE. Beautiful cover on that book, but also on A STRANGER'S TOUCH. Love those blues with hot pink font.

These are very special books to me, but then all of them are. I often am asked about my favorite book. Usually, that is the one I am currently writing. Two stand out, though: Silence the Whispers and Flashback. They were also very special/unique books.

I try to write very different stories each time, and I think I do :)Many non-writers are surprised at the amount of planning that goes into a book, and more into a series. Hours and hours of planning. I especially like that, and the plotting. Every writer has their own special what-I-like-to-do best, and mine may be plotting. I came in with my own "voice," but I had much to learn about the dynamics of plotting, all those years ago. I also had the stories inside me, so said my first editor. It was a matter of getting them out :)

One of my favorite writers and a true long-term career master has noted that she revises, revises, revises. That is so true, and even the minute before a manuscript is ready to go out the door, every writer will want to wiggle one or two places, or change words.

It's very difficult to cut that umbilical cord.

I've had a good time with the Aislings and their men, and I'm cleaning up my desk and getting ready for an entirely different adventure. :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Valentine's Day Special

I'm busy at work, just the last week of editing, before I turn in a new book. Meanwhile, I've been busy updating my website. January had two red bag contests. One ended Jan 15, and the other Jan 31. Why two, you ask? Because I was soooo busy in January and needed the top two weeks to work. Work happens.

I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day and have just posted a contest for it alone. The prize is an advanced reading copy, or ARC as we say. This is for A STRANGER'S TOUCH, pub date April, which is the second of the Aisling Psychic Triplets.

Since April is my favorite month, and birthday month--yes, I take all month--and it is the pub date of Tempest's book, I've also posted an excerpt from her story. There will be more excerpts and more promotion, but right now, I have to get back to work :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Review

It's always scary when waiting for that very first review. This time, I'm waiting for A Stranger's Touch 4/08 reviews. Detra Fitch, reviewer for Huntress Reviews gives A STRANGER'S TOUCH 5 Stars. Count 'em. Five Stars. Breathing sigh of relief here.

Repeat, no matter how many books you write, review time is always scary. It's scary not because you don't have faith in your work, but it's more like you're putting your very pretty and perfect baby out for public examination. Some reviewers may think your baby is ugly, or has a wart on its nose. Or maybe they just didn't get it. Sometimes reviewers are assigned a book that isn't something they prefer to read. Naturally, that book will not align with their preferences. Some are critical for personal reasons.

But most are just great. So take the previous and dismiss them. My child is beautiful, after all. :)

Then along comes reviewers like Detra Fitch, who are actually readers of the material I and others create. This is her review of A STRANGER'S TOUCH:
TITLE: A Stranger's Touch (March 25, 2008)
AUTHOR: Cait London
13 ISBN: 9780061140518
10 ISBN: 0061140511
***** I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about this story. It grabbed me within the very first paragraph and never let me go. I repeat, it NEVER let me go. The characters are realistic. It is so well written that I could easily see and understand everything Marcus, Tempest, and the other Bartels felt. Make sure you have a quiet day ahead, order pizza, and turn off all connections to the outside world before you even open the cover of this gem. Absolutely fantastic! *****

Thank you, Detra. :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Beast Stalks the Midwest

Typical Midwest tornado season usually begins in March. This year the Midwest started its season on January 7 with 12-15 hours of watches, warnings and actual touch-down beasts.

I live in an area hit far less than others. But life on the edge of this cross-state, diagonal nightmare wasn't fun either.

The weathercasters were great. They skipped regular programming and stuck with Doppler radar, minute by minute, revising when necessary.

The Beast was held in place by high winds, striking once, then circling back to strike the same place again and again. Mobile home parks were the worst hit and some brick and mortar homes leveled in The Beast's path. Hail the size of softballs was reported, but consistent high winds, rain and hail continued through almost 15 hours.

The Beast wasn't kind and First Responders couldn't get into help in some areas--because a second tornado made that impossible. Shelters sprung up and forecasters (some of whom were showing fatigue and sounding scratchy) gave regular instructions on tornado safety, bless them.

A tornado is a picky sort of beast, chosing its own whimsical path. However, the general warnings that it was coming had come days before, Jan 3 or 4th, I believe.

Unusual timing? I'd say so, when the Midwest is typically battling snow and watching its road salt supply. Or perhaps its just good old ice pulling down our telephone or electric lines. (Last year, an ice storm disabled a whole regional, breaking down trees, and leaving area homes and businesses without electricity.)

But oh, no. Not January 2008.

I wonder if these are the times in which heroes spring forth, putting life and limb above their own. Newscasters and weather spotters were doing their best. Some had to seek shelter quickly when the Beast snarled and turned on them. Firemen, police, and God-Bless-Em Everyday People were all out there, working to save people, pets and property. Electric companys had full crews out in the midst of it, some chain saws running in the interims, to clear roads and powerlines.

It was a long, scary night. In this area, watches/warnings/tornadoes ran from around 4 in the afternoon of January 7th, until the last one (undocumented) at 5 in the morning on the 8th. It's suspected by some that there were far more tornadoes than reported; during the night, they simply couldn't be seen.

This morning, I picked up a few tree limbs, the neighbor's shingles and mourned a small broken maple. Our neighborhood was without power from one strike at 2:30 a.m. until 10 We walked around, talking to each other and mourned the lack of electricity for our morning coffee.

Small price, but the hours were scary just the same. Others were completely devastated and lives were lost.

January 8th, 2008. Remember it. Prepare and remember the heroes.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And It Begins 2008

New Years Day: I'm already behind! This year is pretty much lined up with activities and work, family stuff, too. Yesterday, the day before Jan 1 was special. I didn't get everything done that I'd wanted, preparing for a quiet evening, welcoming in 2008. I usually try for a clean desk, a clean mind, and straighten a few things.

But yesterday didn't go that way. Flu abounds around here and I made chicken soup for friends and didn't have a planned year-end coffee with a good friend, both with different flus.

Didn't light the fireplace, due to our heavy winds. But it is a nice mood thingie for the end of the year.

As a self-employed writer (a high percentage have day jobs), I made my usual stop for office supplies, something I actually like to do. At the end of the year, you'll find people crammed into the supply stores, stocking up.

That's a usual year-end deal, so is working with taxes, plugging the final stuff into spreadsheets. I'm a little ahead on that this year as I've been keeping up somewhat.

But so far as scheduling in 2008, I'm already set for some guest blogging, which I love and an appearance I haven't attended before, pretty happy about this one. Then there's the usual supply of articles, etc. and due dates, these for groups/newsletters. (I belong to a lot.) To keep all this in line, I tried calendars, I tried desk calendars, mini ones and Day Timers. But the only thing I've been able to do successfully, birthdays, family stuff, included is a PDA. Can't seem to manage without one. Addresses, business contacts and family, birthdays, stats on new babies, etc., all in electronic files.

Hey-ho, 2008. I'm ready with 2 books, 2 and 3 of the Aisling Psychic Triplet Trilogy, A STRANGER'S TOUCH 4/08 and FOR HER EYES ONLY 10/08. I'm just starting on those promotions, more to schedule. :)

So I'd better get to work. We'll deal with goals later. And yes, I have a few :)