Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Where are You, Cleavers?

December 25:
While on an ordinary shopping day recently, I listened to the store's Christmas music lyrics. Cheerful, the expected songs. But I wondered if they weren't out of date. Where are you, Cleavers?

Throughout this season, the adult's and childrens' faces haven't been all aglow. They're very serious. Childrens' gifts can be very expensive. Travel is expensive. Groceries, etc.

Doctors tell us we need "good stress." So where is it?

I usually do a few things for people throughout the year. This year was no different--except when it came to the holidays. With many elements constantly in play in my own life, I hadn't done my usual around the holidays. Oh, wait. Maybe all those cookies and hot rolls and homemade jams are really gifts. Maybe those little thinking-of-you gifts, minor really, amount to Christmas cheer.

Today, I'm looking forward to a family day, a traditional dinner, excited children showing off presents, etc., a Hallmark moment as they say. We can't all be together, but we are in our hearts.

This year, I made jam throughout the summer; it cut into my writing time. Still. When given to others, those cute little jars are special and from me, a bit of time in my life, given to others.

If we try, we can take some of today's spirit with us throughout the year. The 1950's were long ago, and we've become so lost in abundance that we've forgotten. We can't go back, recapture the past, but we can shift priorities. We can take those special moments throughout the year. If we try.

Wishing you Peace and Blessings,

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CurtissAnn said...

The Cleavers are in my heart and mind. I've learned to let the world go on without me, at least in my own mind. And now my favorite show is Reba-- a modern rendition of the Cleavers.

Big hugs,