Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Time

Christmas time is almost here and everyone is busy, busy. I've been traveling for the last few weeks, but home now and working on catching up. I hope you like our Christmas recipes, posted at my website.

As for news: This season always seems busier for business and news, other than the usual holiday stuff. We've just gotten a new title for Leona's book, the third in the trilogy, FOR HER EYES ONLY, and it is a 10/08 release. I am doing lots of promo for my psychic triplet trilogy. I'll be blogging at Fresh Fiction on Dec 14 and at Lori Foster's myspace/romanceauthors on Dec 18. So I hope you can come visit me there.

I made Christmas presents this year, well some of them and so far, everyone seems to like the idea :) I'll tell all later....

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