Monday, October 29, 2007

Creating Plots

I'm in a creative mode. With fall weather turning the leaves gold and scarlet outside,the air fresh and crisp, I'm filled with story ideas. Not all of them will pan out, but I keep a list of ideas, and write the basics as they come to me. Right now, I'm planning a new project.

I really don't like to reveal new projects, because I like to hold them inside until I'm ready to develop them. A visit at a local bookstore, chatting with the bookseller gave me the info I needed: The topic I want to write about hasn't been overdone. Overdone is a big problem, though every writer has their own style and twist on the same stories, some of which seem to be universal.

Along with tremendous creativity, I'm doing a lot in my own life, and have hopes that there is a story in there someplace, from a unique point of view. I experience the elements within my stories, such as driving the West, going to festivals, talking to craftspeople, interviews, etc. And a lot comes from my own life, because looking back, I've done a lot, like most people.

Weaving those elements into stories sometimes is easy, and sometimes not. Today, I'm outlining a series, or starting to outline it, choosing the characters that best lend themselves to the work/story.

Fall and Spring seem to be my high-creative months, more energized, all the way around. But I still take time to get out from my desk, a necessity to keep fresh, and I'm driving the country, enjoying the scenery and spinning those story ideas. :)

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