Thursday, October 04, 2007

Book Titles

We're working on suitable titles for Leona's story. Logically, the feel should come between AT THE EDGE, the first book of the psychic triplet trilogy, and A STRANGER'S TOUCH, the second. Rather, the "feel" should come between those two titles. Not that easy.

I've titled 95% of my books, and sometimes you hit an easy one. Flys right from your email to the editor and sales/publisher passes it. This one isn't going that way. The story is complex, concerning family relationships, psychics and a romance.

Wrapping a book is everything. Cover and title and elements, all wrapped up in an eye-catching package. This titling process is intense with emails flying back and forth between me and my publisher. It will continue until the feel for Leona's story is right. Tons of lists, open synonym/thesaurus/searching everywhere for a title that hasn't gotten a big name stake driven into it. Or hasn't had a thousand other books with the same title.

Very delicate and grueling process to get the best fit. This one isn't that easy.

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