Thursday, September 06, 2007

What's It All About?

I've been chatting this a.m. with top blogger, D.K. Raymer. She runs several very successful blogs among other things. She generally posts a lot about everything and you can find her at A Flyover Blog. Really interesting person/businesswoman with tons of advice. Please do visit her blogs.

Another blog I frequent is for freelancers jobs (not that I'll ever be one:)), run by Deborah Ng. Deborah also runs several blogs, i.e. Simply Thrifty.

And here I am, blogging with the greatest. Well, maybe.

But for writers, I think Jayne Ann Krentz and crew at Running with Quills is great. Jayne Ann (as Jayne Castle) just did a chat at last night, focused on Silver Master. Gotta love those dust bunnies. RWQ is a mix of several top writers, all with something to say.

I do have a lot to say as my sister's long suffering sighs tell me. :)

But I wonder, when thinking every so carefully about what has not already been posted about writing and life, what might interest my visitors. I do know they loved the Benchmarks of a Career post. But maybe I shouldn't be picking through such elements so carefully. Maybe I should just write.

What do you think?

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