Monday, June 18, 2007

Hauling a Trailer

Ok, I've been out and about signing copies of AT THE EDGE, a couple booksignings in which I really had fun chatting with people, and some drivebys. Drivebys are where authors either arrange (or not) to stop by a store and sign their books.

Writers really need this jolt of affirmation. Writing is said to be a lonely occupation, and most of us are reclusive when writing our books. So it is a true joy to step out and actually meet the readers, especially if they like you. And I'm a talker, so there I was, with people to talk with. :)

In contrast, a driveby can be good, in that you chat with the events coordinator, or the store owner, and talk up your books, leave bookmarks, chat up the next one, etc., and develop a relationship.

Or it can be miserable as some highly notable authors have post online. Even the biggest has been humiliated at some time or another by dropping by a store to autograph books. My preference is to call ahead and say I'll be there on a certain day or around a time. But we can't always do that. Drivebys can be very humiliating.

On Saturday, I spoke about the elements in AT THE EDGE, the protagonists' occupations. The woman was a handbag designer, that's Claire the empath, and the hero's occupation was that of building camper-trailers, the "teardrop" shaped models, and customizing them. Of all the elements, handbags, Montana, psychic ability, romantic suspense, etc., the most lively interest came from a man who had to leave immediately. He had to run out to see where I had mentioned these commercial teardrop camper-trailers. His wife wanted to stay and chat, but he literally tugged her arm, anxious to be off to see those campers.

Quite an interesting crew on Saturday, and I loved every discussion. And I'm getting so many great comments from readers and booksellers about how much they liked AT THE EDGE.

With book 2 and 3 waiting on my editor's desk, I can't wait for the trilogy to be complete.

Right now, I'm building a trailer to suit AT THE EDGE, and using my own photographs, even my son-in-law's eyes. The rough "draft" is done, but I'll have a lot of timing and smoothing to do, then adding the music.

Oh, the things to do when a hard run is finished. Like having hot stone therapy. I'm going to write about that one day, and purchased a small kit to test on my family. My first session was super, but then, I had the facial and pedicure, too. It was one good day :) A gift to myself after a long, hard working session.

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