Thursday, June 14, 2007

After the Deadline

I've just completed the last book of the psychic triplets trilogy. That would be Leona's story, as yet untitled. Tempest's, middle-born, has been done for a while.

This is quite the event and means a lot of catching up with everything that has waited in the last few weeks, personal and business. I'm also doing a lot online and am so thankful for the really thoughtful letters everyone has written about Claire's story, AT THE EDGE.

I've also been signing copies, either at booksignings or in drivebys. So many people are wishing the books would come out sooner, and so do I.

SPA DAY is coming up, letting someone else's fingers massage the typing/tension kinks out of my back and neck, a pedicure and facial. Then a whole massive effort to update everything, including my website.

I am truly pleased with this trilogy. It was a long time coming, one of those back burner ideas that had to wait until other projects were finished. But now, I'm so glad that the triplets are finished, and do love their stories. Loved them from first inception.

The Aislings are not an add book-by-book project as many series are, rather the whole was a composite from the start and each sister knew her place in line and what she was to do. The relationship between the mother and sisters is one I understand well, since I am the mother of 3 daughters, tho mine were born 3 years apart and not 3 minutes apart.

The psychic connection of all 4 women is unique, let alone the birth connection of triplets. Family birth position tends to influence personalities and the Aislings follow that pattern.

Because I have an affinity for water, naturally that was an element, too.

I am so pleased that readers are anxious for the rest of the triplets. I love to hear from them, and am not surprised to read that many of them consider themselves to have that psychic streak.

I also understood Neil Olafson very well (Claire's hero), a handcrafter of 1930s style "teardrop" campers. The male members of my family all are handcrafters of one sort or another, including building rock and log cabins, furniture, carving, toys, etc.

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