Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth

Oooo. Scary.

This month, I'm celebrating my birthday, but today is a friend's. She seems normal :) Another friend's birthday is on the 15th, which is usually tax day. She usually celebrates that way.

Amazing how many Aries there are coming out of the woodwork now that they know April is my birthday month. I'm celebrating with a red shoulder bag prize, filled with my backlist and other goodies at two contests this month; one is at and the other at my website, The red bag matches the color of AT THE EDGE's cover.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was the winner of last months contest and I wanted to say thank you for the books, they arrived this week in the mail. Thanks for hosting contests for your readers :)

Jessica said...

Wishing you and your friends a wonderful birthday! Hope u all have a great time and prosperous year ahead!